shoring jack

How to Use a Shoring Jack

Shoring jacks are used to support construction projects that require significant height. Available in different sizes and weight capacities, shoring jacks provide essential support during high-rise building projects.

The present invention provides a lifting and shoring jack assembly with a base plate means; an adjustment screw assembly or bottom jack; a jack nut engaged with said jack screw bearing on its end; and side braces.

Early Life and Education

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Shoring jacks provide structural support during building repair or alteration work without restricting worker access, acting like scaffolding. They can be inserted through holes knocked through brickwork or placed beneath existing horizontal beams; then secured to their supports using strong needles known as ‘strong boys”.

These Buckingham jacking-shoring posts save both time and money by quickly extending to load-bearing points quickly. Each post features pin holes every 4″ on center for quick adjustment of extension in 1″ increments, as well as a rotating collar with pin holes to fine-tune their extension further.

Professional Career

Construction shoring jacks are used to stabilize structures or walls during the building process, providing support from above or below. Available in various sizes and heights, construction shoring jacks use either pin-and-wedge systems to adjust their height, while some include threaded locking collars which allow fine-tuning of exact positioning with 1″ increment adjustments.

Ellis jacks are designed for easy use by one worker and are an effective means of correcting shores using story poles and lines, levelling shores that require correction via story poles or lines, leveling shores that need leveling by hitting shore clamps loose with a hammer, then lifting each one off their forms and lifting off individually.

Achievement and Honors

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Net Worth

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