Shows Like Atlantic Crossing

If you love historical drama, you’ll probably want to catch up on a new Masterpiece show called Atlantic Crossing. Based on the true story of the Norwegian Crown Princess Martha, who fled Norway during World War II to seek refuge in the United States. The film follows her journey to create a lifelong friendship with President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The film is set in Norway and will premiere on October 25. Watch it online on the NRK1 website. You can also stream the series on Amazon Prime, Vudu, and other sites.

The six-part Britcom This Way Up stars Aisling Bea as a teacher recovering from a nervous breakdown. The show’s pacing isn’t fast, but it makes up for it in heart. It features binge drinking, spontaneous singing, and Tobias Menzies, and it’s filled with a charming cast. It’s also incredibly funny. And the lead actress, Mishel Prada, is beautiful to watch. Her vulnerability makes her a compelling character.

The British series This Way Up is a small-scale drama with plenty of heart. It isn’t made with a huge budget, but it packs a punch. Bea plays a schoolteacher who’s suffering from a nervous breakdown, and the characters are incredibly relatable. Tobias Menzies’ voice is charming and he combines it with Bea’s gorgeousness. The eerie atmosphere and the hilarity make this show a must-watch.

Another show that isn’t big on budget is The L Word. The L Word revival will bring queer characters into sharper focus. The six-part Britcom This Way Up follows two Latina sisters in Los Angeles. One of them, Emma, has a nervous breakdown and has to return to her hometown after her mother dies. Despite the small size, this series is very funny and pensive about home.

If you’re a fan of small-scale dramas, consider This Way Up. Its six-part format is a perfect example of a TV show with no major budget. While the characters are mostly unlikable, the writers make an effort to make the characters as realistic as possible. The cast is great, and they are all well-cast. The show has a wide variety of genres and it’s worth watching no matter which version you prefer.

Despite the small-scale scale, there’s a lot of heart in shows like Atlantic Crossing. These series are full of heart and humor. They won’t make you cry, but they’ll make you feel good and make you laugh. They’re both great shows. And Aisling Bea is amazing as Aine. The character’s vulnerability makes her character vulnerable. She’s a wonderful watch.

The title of this show carries a lot of meaning. During World War II, the Crown Princess Martha escaped the Nazis and supported her country. When she was finally allowed to go home, she remained in the United States. She eventually formed a close relationship with President Roosevelt and remained in the United States. She even became a cherished member of the American royal family. The relationship between the two countries has many similarities.

The “best of” list is a great way to start a new show. You can check out different types of shows, depending on your taste. For instance, a series that was produced by the BBC was a wonderful example of a British television show. Rather than focusing on its stars, the BBC focused on the experiences of its characters. It’s also a great way to introduce new fans to the world of the stars.

The upcoming revival of The L Word will bring queer women into sharper focus, while the new series “This Way Up” is a great example of a show with a low budget that’s still packed with heart. It is an odd, quirky, and very sweet show about two sisters living in London, after their mother’s death. The brilliant performances by Aisling Bea and Tobias Menzies make it a highly enjoyable show for the entire family.

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