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The series is a modern day Chinese romance, but with a modern twist. Minglan, who is not a prince, meets his cousin He Hongwen, who is unappealing to Minglan. However, she is very happy to be married to Minglan, and the couple ends up being very close. Minglan realizes that marriage to Tingye will make his life more comfortable, and she agrees.

As the sixth daughter of an official, Minglan is mistreated and bullied by her legal parents. She avenges her biological mother’s death by marrying Gu Tingye, a high-ranking official. Minglan initially falls for Gu Tingye, who is the only son of the Duke of Qi. He is a powerful official, and his family agreed to marry him.

As the second wife of a powerful official, Minglan is given a free rein to act out according to her own desires. Her behavior is not restricted to being a traditional wife, but she does not hesitate to be rude to Gu Tingye’s relatives or to her servants. Minglan is very loyal and faithful to her husband, and she even makes him a better man. But Minglan is also a good friend to Gu Tingye and his wife, so they are naturally attracted to each other.

The story of Minglan involves a number of characters with interesting personalities. Minglan is an unfavored sixth daughter, and he has been trying to avoid being a bother since childhood. But he is very good at observing human behaviour and predicts how others will behave in a certain situation. His natural talents are hidden, and he is very effective in attracting people into situations where bad natures can be overcome.

The main character of the show is Gu Tingye. He is the mastermind of the marriage scheme. He has several interactions with Minglan and saw through her facade. When Rulan discovers that his daughter is in love with a scholar, he proposes marriage to the family. Minglan’s family is eager to marry Gu Tingye as he has a very high status.

The main character of the show is Gu Tingye, the Duke of Qi. He is the mastermind behind the marriage scheme. Minglan and Gu Tingye first met through mutual friends, but Gu’s relationship with them develops from a mere friendship to a passion. The plot of the show is not only interesting, but it is also very entertaining. This is an excellent drama to watch with family and friends.

Gu Tingye is the mastermind of the marriage scheme. After several interactions with Minglan, he fell in love with her. His desire for the beautiful and wealthy Rulan was enough to convince him to marry her. In addition, Gu Tingye’s family was extremely affluent, and the two of them were willing to marry each other. Ultimately, the plot of the series revolves around the two of them.

As the sixth daughter of an official, Minglan is abused by her legal mother and is bullied by her half-sisters. She avenges her biological mother’s death. She also has feelings for Qi Heng, the Duke of Qi. Eventually, the two become lovers. Sheng Minglan becomes the most powerful woman in the court and has to guard the Emperor’s court from unpleasant relatives.

Minglan is a sixth daughter of an official and is disregarded by her legal mother. She is bullied by her half-sisters and eventually avenges her biological mother’s death. The series focuses on her relationship with Gu Tingye, and her efforts to protect Gu Tingye’s family from unsavory relatives. The series is based on a Chinese novel.

Minglan’s second wife, He Hongwen, is a very intelligent doctor, but she is not a perfect man. He has a temper and is a prickly personality. He is too amiable for Minglan, and agrees to things that hurt other people. He also takes a concubine before his main marriage. Lady Kang is also an aspiring writer.

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