Songs Like Hooked On A Feeling

Songs Like Hooked on a Feeling

“Hooked on a Feeling” was written by Mark James. Chips Moman was introduced to Mark by Steve Tyrell, a mutual friend and James’ manager. Chips Moman hired Mark James in 1968 to write songs for his publishing house. Mark James was a song writer for many artists, including The Beatles and Billy Joel. The song was inspired in part by a childhood sweetheart. It was recorded at the American Sound Studio in Memphis, Tennessee and released on October 29, 1968.

Lorde’s “Miss You”

While the first verse of Lorde’s “Miss You,” featuring a chorus of rapping, is a callback to her debut album’s “Ribs,” the rest of the song isn’t quite as witty. While Robyn’s lyrics are weird enough to be compelling, Lorde’s songs tend to lack Lorde’s melancholic severity and propulsion.

Interestingly, the lyrics of Lorde’s “Miss You,” which debuted three days before the album’s release, hint at a future where she would be happy with a new man. The lyrics of Lorde’s “Miss You” suggest that Lorde is looking back at her past and planning for the future. The lyrics do not mention the destruction nature. Although Lorde hasn’t publicly addressed her love life since their 2015 breakup, she is believed to be dating Universal Music executive Justin Warren.

Another track on the album, “California,” compares fame to love. In this song, Lorde compares fame with romance. The song features crashing waves, Western-sounding drums, and a chorus. “Miss You,” also pays tribute to Carole King’s 1979 hit “The White Album”.

Lorde’s second album “Melodrama,” which includes “Miss You”, is a huge hit and will help her reach her stardom goals. The song reflects Lorde’s experiences of fame and her breakup with photographer James Lowe. The entire track was written in just 20 minutes. Lorde wrote the lyrics booklet in a weed gummy. After that, Lorde recorded the song in a recording room with the doors open and the sounds from New York City.

JoBros’ “Miss You”

The Jonas Brothers’ latest release, “Miss You,” is the perfect Christmas song. The duo haven’t released a holiday song since May, so the release of a song during the Christmas season is especially fitting. “Miss You” features Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas, and Joe Jonas singing the track. A family photo was also included with the track.

Roberta Flack’s “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face”

Roberta Flack’s song “The First Time Ever Ever I Saw Your Face” won the Song of the Year award at the 15th Grammy Awards in 1973. It is a perfect blend of folk and pop music. Flack’s rendition is slightly slower than Seeger’s early solo recording, which was recorded in 1957. But Flack’s version still possesses a certain romance.

In 1969, Flack signed with Atlantic Records, which subsequently released her debut album, First Take. This jazz-folk meditation was recorded over ten hours and featured duets by Leonard Cohen and Donny Hathaway. Flack’s version also became one of her most popular hits, reaching number one in Canada and the top 20 of the UK Singles Chart. Flack’s version is still the most popular, despite other big-name artists covering it. The song was featured on Flack’s debut album, which was released in 1969.

Bill Wyman’s “Got to Give It Up”

Known for his catchy bass line, “Got to Give It Up” was released by the Rolling Stones in the late 1970s. The track was inspired by Marvin Gaye’s hit, “Got to Give It Up,” and was a prelude to the group’s 1978 album of the same name. The track is cool and disco with Bill Wyman’s killer bassline.

Carole King’s “Sad Eyes”.

Carole King’s album Sad Eyes’ title track is an acoustic piano ballad sung by the legendary vocalist at a slow tempo. It was written spontaneously, after Carole King realized that the way she saw others reflected how she felt. King’s version was covered by Barbara Streisand, and the song inspired a Broadway musical that ran from 2014 to 2019. It follows King’s life, from the early ’60s to her partnership with George Goffin.

The original recording of “Control Yourself” was released by the ‘The City’ in 1968, but King’s version appeared in 1980. It has since been covered by Leslie Uggams and Donny Osmond. It is Lisa’s eulogy, which will be familiar to fans of ‘The Simpsons. It is also an underrated Carole King tune. Sad Eyes is a great album for soul music lovers.

Carole King’s Sad Eyes came out in 1992. It topped the charts when it was first released. It was a hit and has a loyal following. The album was a hit in the U.S., and has remained popular ever since. She was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1990 and awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the National Academy of Songwriters. Despite her retirement from the stage, King has continued to release occasional albums. Sadly, her son Rick Evers died of an overdose on heroine.

The Guess Who’s “Everything Is Beautiful”

The Guess Who’s “Everything I’m Beautiful” is an all-time favorite of the Beatles, and this newest version has its own appeal. The song features Onyx Collective and OSHUN, and sounds like a bonus track from a 1992 Deluxe. The video is also a classic, with its nostalgic vibe and uplifting lyrics. The album was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, and is available on iTunes.

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