Songs Like Riot By Earl Sweatshirt

‘Riot!’ Earl Sweatshirt’s ‘Riot!’ album was released in the USA on November 7, 2013, by the Hip-Hop/Rap Music Genre. The album includes 15 other Tracks, but Riot! is available for streaming and download on Apple Music and iTunes. Earl Sweatshirt has many other songs that you might enjoy. Below are some of our top picks.

Earl Sweatshirt’s third studio album, “Some Raps Songs”, is his third. The album spans about 25 minutes, with 15 tracks. The album features muffled production and sampled loops. Sweatshirt’s own personal experiences, including recent loss and addiction, are the lyrics. He also shares his observations about the world around him. Listen to “Riot!” now to find out why it is so successful.

Earl Sweatshirt is a member of the rap group Odd Future. The internet fame of the group led to Sweatshirt being a standout member. The group’s unique music style helped it gain popularity. The album’s title reads “Some Rap Songs”, and it shows that Sweatshirt is ready to move beyond Odd Future and explore darker themes.

“Some Rap Songs” is a departure from Earl Sweatshirt’s raucous style. The album contains 15 songs that go deep into the mind and inner turmoil of the rapper. The album is a refreshing departure from Sweatshirt’s usual style of rap, but it is still a great album and one that should be on your list for the top hip-hop albums to listen to this year. What’s so special about “Some Rap Songs”?

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