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Sylvia Pasquel – Actress Despite Her Age

Sylvia Pasquel has long been an established actor. Her vast resume boasts movies and telenovelas demonstrating her talents and abilities, in addition to theatre work which showcases her versatility and dedication to her craft.

In 1971, she played Gianna Donatti in the telenovela Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse (Italian Girl Comes to Get Married), alongside Angelica Maria. Following an extended leave from 1976 – 1977 she returned in a film named Johnny Chicano and soap opera J.J. Juez respectively.

Early Life and Education

Pasquel was born on October 13th 1949 in Mexico City to Rafael Banquells Pinal and Silvia Pinal (both film actors). Her family had deep-seated roots in the movie industry where she received early education.

She began her professional career early, which enabled her to build up an excellent reputation quickly. She appeared in several popular films and telenovelas.

She made her soap opera debut alongside Eduardo Capetillo on Alcanzar una Estrella, returning to big screen cinema with two movies – Politico por Error and Asalto in 1991 – before appearing in several more popular telenovelas as well as becoming an active philanthropist.

Professional Career

Pasquel boasts an extensive resume in acting, from movies to telenovelas and theatre shows – she has established a loyal fan base through captivating performances in both. Additionally, Pasquel has expanded her artistic horizons further with theatre shows where she showcased her talent.

At nineteen, she launched her career with her role in El Despertar del Lobo (The Wolf’s Awakening). This film and subsequent telenovelas gave her national renown.

Pasquel has maintained an active, healthy lifestyle by following her doctor’s advice. Recent health scares, including heart attack and deep vein thrombosis, only reinforced her resolve and appreciation of fans who continue to show support regardless of her illness.

Achievement and Honors

Pasquel made her first film appearance with Santo in 1969’s Santo Contra Blue Devil en la Atlantida and also appeared in two additional flicks that same year: Una Mujer Honesta (A Legitimate Lady) and La Casa del Farol Rojo (Redlight House).

By the 1980s, she was already married with children, which contributed to a gradual decrease in her screen career. Still, she did appear in several telenovelas during this period including Al Rojo Vivo (roughly translated to Bright Red), 1982’s El Love Nunca Muere and Cuando los Hijos se Van.

In 2022, she made her Netflix debut in Que pobres tan ricos by Rosy Ocampo of Por Ella Soy Eva fame. According to numerology, she has an assigned life path number 1 which denotes someone with strong motivations and goals in life.

Personal Life

Sylvia Pasquel is an accomplished Mexican actress known for her roles in films, telenovelas, and TV shows such as Mundo de Juguete from 1970. Additionally, she has appeared in Cinnamon Pobres Tan Ricos as well as Chabelo y Pepito Contra los Monstruos for children.

At nineteen, she made her film debut, El Despertar del Lobo. This and Los Inconformes’ success propelled her into national renown.

At that point in her life, she had already started a family, leading to an apparent decline in screen work rate. In 1980’s Al Rojo Vivo (roughly translated to Very Red), 1982’s El Amor Nunca Muere (Love Never Dies), and 1983’s Cuando los Hijos Se Van, she starred briefly. Three years later she left again before finally making her return appearance in 1990 on one episode of Mujer, Casos de la Vida Real television show.

Net Worth

As a result of her years in the entertainment industry, Sylvia Pasquel has amassed an impressive fortune. Additionally, her long career has allowed her to follow her passion for acting despite age.

Pasquel is an avid family woman and serves as an example to younger Mexican citizens. Stephanie Salas, her eldest daughter is an accomplished singer/actress.

Concerns were expressed over Pasquel’s health after media outlets reported she had been hospitalized for thrombosis. Yet, she remained active on social media to address rumors, assuring followers of her well-being being of primary importance; following doctors advice regarding treatment and recovery as recommended.

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