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The best current furnishing ideas at a glance

Home trends are constantly changing and it is extremely difficult to stay up to date. For this reason, we would like to carry out a kind of update in our interior every now and then. If you are in the process of creating a new design, you would like to know what is really up-to-date from the “sea” of interior design ideas.

Today we want to offer you an overview as well.

Some planned bugs don’t hurt


A somewhat outdated chest of drawers that is intentionally overloaded with decorative items can look attractive

The things that are too perfect are just boring and old-fashioned – that’s how modern designers think. A piece of furniture that does not quite match the rest of the interior design or something that is slightly damaged may well remain as soon as it reflects your individuality. It is important that everything looks complete and custom-made in the end.

Such a charming mistake is the right motivation for a creative redesign.

The lines that give perspective


Open living planning is the rule in modern design

Open housing planning is now not the exception, but the rule. You should use these carefully to draw attention to the really important moments in your interior design.

Frames that elevate the chosen furnishing style


Set the framework or do you prefer to break them open? What do you mean?

Frames – pictures, furniture, shelves come into their own with modern design ideas. You can take a common design to a higher level yourself. Be innovative, individual and creative with both the frame and the colors.

modern-corner sofa-armchair

Beautiful pictures add value to the wall

Draperies down to the floor


Floor-length curtains optically enlarge the room

We live in small and low apartments. All sorts of ideas for visually enlarging the room are welcome. The curtains that reach down to the floor play a very important role vertically: They make the ceiling appear higher and eliminate the fragmentation of the room.

Many different metals in one and the same room


Different metals next to each other do not disturb the current room look

Metal accessories are very widely used in modern interior design. This is often used to set the most important accents. The variety is welcome: so many types and colors of metal can be combined in one and the same room at the same time.

Break the rules


Think innovatively, design individually

Interior design ideas that are very unique and break all the rules show that innovations are important to modern people. We no longer want to live according to prescribed ideas, but rather feel free in our experiments.

Show respect for history

fireplace mural

The historical character of an old house must be preserved

When we move into an old historic house, we respect its circumstances and our own character. This is an unwritten rule that history and family traditions maintain despite modernity.

Black doors are always good


Black doors in a white hallway are a clear sign of your modernity in furnishing and room design

Do you need modernity and don’t know how to achieve it in your apartment despite the existing somewhat more traditional style? No problem – go for black doors and they will do the job for you. They practically always work in any context.

Dark wood


Dark wood has a noble look

Medium and very dark wood is widely used in interior design and decoration because of its noble appearance. Try to bring your apartment up to the level you want.

Don’t be afraid of colors!


Green in the bedroom? That’s fine!

Colored room design is absolutely in among modern interior design ideas – you should use them abundantly. Just stick to certain rules. You should use a color as a background and add accents. If you have several of these, find a way to weld them together. That could be done through an accent wall that includes all of the other nuances.

The overview of current trends does not include all current trends, but it is very representative of them. In general, everything speaks for a lot of freedom, zest for life and experimentation. It is only important that you have a coherent concept behind it that makes the whole thing appear very uniform.


Have you already designed a creative furnishing concept?

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