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The railing and its importance

Some places in the house have to be designed in such a way that they can offer maximum protection for children and adults: the balcony and the stairwell come first. In the old buildings it often turns out that they are not particularly safe.

The balcony railing is a must in an apartment with young children. Mostly, materials such as wood and metal are used, with modern variants made of metal and glass. What roles does a high-quality, stylish railing play on your terrace?

Cable railing wire rope modern balcony terrace

The cable railings with metal accents are used in private properties

Safety comes first. Usually one does not pay much attention to the exact building material. It is completely sufficient that the parapet is securely attached. A height of at least 90 centimeters is desirable.

Traditional wrought iron balcony railing

An ornate parapet is a great visual match for the building

Second, the beautiful railing serves as a decorative element. Whether simple or ornate, made of iron or wood, arched or angular, the design depends entirely on your furnishing style and your personal taste. The parapet usually has the same motif as the banister.

Parapet design decorative iron

Individually designed balcony railings can look ornate and romantic

Black wrought iron railing

Parapet decorated with ornaments

The workable metal as a well-made choice of material is robust and ensures great security. The designs are diverse: from simple to modern to retro charming. The balcony furniture is then adjusted accordingly.

Picket railing iron wrought ironwork

Simple and functional for a classic-looking house facade

Railing according to the type of your balcony:

For the usual balcony, the material and the actual height of the parapet are important, ie one would have to think about child safety in advance. But would a stable railing with optimal fall protection be combined with the rest of the building and residential design?

The balcony railings serve as a great wind and privacy screen. Therefore, think about whether frosted glass would be better than grating for you. Do you like more embellishments? With the help of glass paint, each parapet can then be individually designed and made opaque. Since the railings are occasionally cleaned, an easy-care material and a clear design are desirable. Any flourishes will make your job difficult.

Glass railing terrace bars stainless steel glazed

We often see glass constructions like this in cafes and restaurants

French balconies serve the aesthetic, decorative goals and emphasize the style of the respective external facade. When choosing, more is expected with a pretty design and less with robustness or functionality.

French balcony window grille stainless steel curved

French style balcony with arched metal railing

So when making your choice, pay attention to the stability of your railing, which should also match the architectural style of your home.

Standard balcony complete railing aluminum

The aluminum is easy to care for and can be easily combined with glass or perforated sheet metal

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