Thomas Binder

Thomas Binder

Thomas Binder is an active participant in open design collaborations and has made significant contributions to methods of experimental design research. Additionally, he has written numerous books related to this topic such as Design Anthropological Futures and Design Research through Practice.

PrairieChar is fortunate to benefit from his vast expertise in biomass industry research and fermentation research as well as separation technologies and bio-refining processes.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Binder is a highly accomplished Swiss cardiac surgeon with 34 years of experience, boasting an exceptional record for patient satisfaction and quality of care. Furthermore, Thomas’ passion lies within making an impactful difference in people’s lives through his work.

He has contributed many medical articles in renowned international journals and to open design research, codesign and design anthropology fields. Furthermore, he edited and wrote multiple books, such as (Re)Searching the Digital Bauhaus and Design Anthropological Futures.

He earned his medical degree at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine and completed his residency at Hartford Area Pediatrics in Avon, CT. Currently residing in West Hartford with his English teaching wife and their three children – travel is something they all enjoy together as much as running!

Professional Career

He serves on the European Heart Association’s Work Group on Echocardiography and has published multiple peer-reviewed articles in both domestic and international journals. Furthermore, he contributed several books related to echocardiography such as Echo Fact Book.

Binder quickly admitted his initial tweet was incorrect but continued spreading misinformation about the White Helmets via other tweets he sent, further spreading a narrative favored by some users due to an aggressive disinformation campaign against this humanitarian group. (Archived tweet)

Binder’s confusing follow-up tweet and the failure to remove his initial post from Twitter exposed more people to inaccurate information and contributed to conspiracy theories. At the time he acknowledged its falsehood, its initial post had already been shared more than 7,900 times on Twitter.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Binder is an internist and cardiologist who specializes in internal medicine and cardiology. For years now he has worked at University Hospital Vienna/AKH’s Department of Internal Medicine II Heart Institute while also being on their editorial board of Hamdan Medical Journal.

Kurt Binder is one of the foremost scientists in his field. He pioneered the use of computers in physics research, making possible experiments which would have been impossible otherwise and providing significant insight into phase transitions and other phenomena of statistical physics.

Binder has made significant contributions to statistical physics as well as being active in open innovation and collaborative research, as evidenced by numerous books he has authored as well as presentations at international conferences.

Personal Life

Thomas Binder was born in Marshfield, Wisconsin and leaves behind his wife Pat and son Christopher as well as brothers Frank C. Binder and Sandy Binder and several nieces and nephews.

He studied medicine at the Medical University of Vienna and received training in internal medicine and cardiology. For research and clinical work purposes he moved on to Huntington Memorial Research Institute in Pasadena California where he became adept in cardiac imaging techniques – especially echocardiography.

Dr. Lafley has published numerous peer-reviewed medical articles and contributed to several specialized medical journals. Additionally, his passion lies with protecting the environment; thus leading him to develop innovative technology for making sustainable biofuels and chemicals from biomass materials – work which ensures humanity survives climate change.

Net Worth

Thomas Binder recently executed two insider transactions at MannKind Corp, including the most recent net sale of 47,019 shares on September 9, 2021 and notable purchases/sales totaling 386,853 shares as well as one net purchase/one sale transaction involving 33,863 shares.

GuruFocus reports the total transaction value as being $10,7780526 with an average share price of $850639. Thomas Binder is born into Rudolf and Graciela Binder; his father a professor of German at University of California Berkeley while his mother is a retired nurse. Thomas has one older sister Carol. Thomas himself enjoys collecting books and music.

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