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Thomas Egley, 76, Was Sentenced to 10 Years to Life in Prison on Tuesday for the Murder of Loretta Jones, 43, in Price, Utah

Heidi Jones-Asay had to wait 46 years before seeing those responsible for killing her mother at home go behind bars. She credits Carbon County Sheriff’s Sgt. David Brewer with reopening this cold case in 2009 and vigorously pursuing it, even when evidence had vanished from their possession.

An exhumation of Jones’ body revealed several crucial insights, including an affidavit from a bar owner that suggested Egley came late into their house on the evening of Jones’ murder, bathed while still wearing all his clothing, then burned it all at a laundromat.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Egley appeared in court Tuesday for sentencing in the 1970 murder of Loretta Jones. Loretta was found stabbed multiple times and her throat cut open before succumbing to her wounds; four-year-old daughter Lydia Jones was present when this occurred.

An affidavit filed by police indicates that one witness saw Egley burning clothes near a laundromat on the night of the killing and offered them up as evidence against him, according to their account. She further states he offered up different garments worn on that same night to them for investigation by law enforcement officials.

Carbon County Sheriff’s Office revived this cold case in 2009 and Sgt. David Brewer has tirelessly pursued it since. Jones-Asay publicly thanked Sgt. Brewer for his efforts in court; she even thanked him personally, crediting her with encouraging him to persevere even in spite of seemingly overwhelming odds. Jones-Asay currently is serving 10 years behind bars.

Professional Career

Thomas Edward Egley was sentenced on Tuesday in Carbon County, Utah for the 1970 murder of 23-year-old Loretta Jones who was stabbed multiple times, leaving behind her 4-year-old daughter Lori Ann Jones and leaving no witnesses behind to testify against Egley.

Authorities initially received an anonymous tip in 2016 that led them to Egley. When approached by investigators, however, Egley denied ever meeting Jones or wearing similar clothing on the night she was killed.

Detective David Brewer devoted much of his energy to solving this case, and made an important breakthrough when speaking to Jones-Asay’s grandmother. She provided him with a photo of Tom Egley and recognized him from a lineup. Tom later confessed to stabbing Jones due to a failed sexual encounter offer from himself.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Egley was active in numerous local and regional community events and projects throughout his lifetime. Together with Diana, they served as dedicated volunteers at New Danville in Willis – an adult nonprofit community for adults with intellectual disabilities where he actively participated in theater productions, social gatherings and social activities hosted by New Danville for its residents and day program clients.

Carbon County Sheriff’s Detective David Brewer reopened the cold case at the request of Jones-Asay’s family members, eventually uncovering DNA evidence and new witnesses that linked Egley with the crime. Heidi Jones-Asay spoke during her mother’s sentencing hearing; she pledged her efforts to make sure Egley is never released from prison again.

Personal Life

Thomas Egley was given 10 years in prison on Tuesday for killing Utah woman Loretta Jones four decades ago in her living room and then cutting her throat, before leaving her body for her daughter, then 4 years old, to find in July 1970.

Jones Asay stated she could feel her mother present during sentencing. She thanked Carbon County sheriff’s Sergeant David Brewer for reopening and prosecuting this case despite its lost files and difficulties.

Jones Asay called Egley an “ignorant individual” and pledged her efforts to ensure he never leaves prison. Additionally, she thanked her mother for always being there for her.

Net Worth

Heidi Jones-Asay was only 4 years old when she discovered her mother raped and dead on the living room floor of their Price, Utah home in 1970, but told police who did it: Thomas Egley was initially charged with her murder but the case was eventually dropped due to lack of evidence.

An anonymous tip prompted investigators to reopen the case and question Egley, then 30 years old. He admitted being present that night but could not provide a verifiable alibi; instead he reported coming home late and taking a shower but leaving his clothing which matched those at the crime scene on.

Bar owner in Helper noticed Egley the next morning carrying his clothes into a burning barrel used for trash, which there were many of in the town. Egley has since been arrested in Colorado where he lives and extradited back to Utah to face criminal charges against him.

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