Thomas Rossi

Thomas Rossi

Thomas Rossi is an accomplished entrepreneur renowned for his sharp mind and efficiency. Starting from nothing, he established the world’s premier fire training equipment manufacturer.

Denise admitted during Thomas’s divorce proceedings that she hid her lottery winnings by using her mother’s address and not disclosing them to court filings, because she wanted them for herself. Denise testified she wanted to keep them all for herself.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Rossi was an enthusiastic family man devoted to his principles and values. He was an exceptional husband, father, grandfather, godfather, uncle and friend for all who knew him.

Rossi served in an Italian Operational Group of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), similar to Special Forces today, which supported resistance forces while interfering with Nazi supply lines.

He was an outspoken critic of Rhode Island’s foster care system and frequently appeared at public meetings to advocate for its reform. Additionally, he founded several lobbying and legislative advocacy firms before eventually switching political parties as an Independent before eventually joining the Democratic party.

Professional Career

Thomas Rossi has been practicing law for over 35 years and has successfully represented clients in hundreds of bench and jury trials before State, Federal and appellate courts regarding construction/design disputes, commercial litigation, real estate matters, employment/union disputes and trust/estate matters. Additionally, he has represented them in regulatory controversies as well as licensing disputes.

He holds both a Bachelor of Arts and Juris Doctor degree. Additionally, he belongs to the New York State Bar Association’s committees on Commercial Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution.

President of New Jersey Dental Association, an estimated 20-employee Membership Organizations company. He joined this position approximately one year ago after working at a private practice in Rhode Island for over seven years; initially registered as Republican but since has switched parties numerous times in his career.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Rossi was recognized with Northwestern Mutual’s 2016 Forum Group award, an accolade that honors wealth management advisors for their commitment to helping clients plan and attain financial security. Rossi lives in Morton with his wife Janice Takata-Rossi and their nine children; in addition to serving on boards of several local organizations he also supports U of I Urbana-Champaign where he received multiple accolades including Peter C Rossi Award for Contributions to Theory and Practice of Evaluation 2024.

Personal Life

Thomas Rossi was an outstanding husband, father, grandfather, uncle, godfather and friend who took great pleasure in spending time with his family. A dedicated parishioner of St. Clare of Assisi Catholic Church in Clairton PA as well as avid fan of New York Yankees, New York Rangers and Penn State Football; Thomas loved spending time with all these individuals who meant so much to him.

Attorney Levine was widely respected, practicing arson and insurance fraud defense, commercial law, construction/design law and real estate issues on behalf of many large corporations as a client.

Thomas was taken aback when his wife Denise filed for divorce in 1996. It turned out that she had won the lottery, yet failed to disclose this during the proceedings. Thomas discovered this secret a few years later when he received an email from a company offering lump sum transitions for lottery winnings.

Net Worth

Rossi is one of the most acclaimed racers in motorcycle history. Widely considered to be one of the greatest MotoGP racers ever and holding 9 World Championship titles to his credit, Rossi remains one of the greatest racers ever seen on two wheels.

He is well-known for his devotion to cycling and has many fans worldwide. Additionally, he’s quite superstitious and performs rituals before races; for instance bending down and clutching his right-side foot-peg prior to competing is one of his signature practices.

Thomas Rossi net worth has reached $200 Million by 2023.

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