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Tom Slattery

Tom Slattery has learned through his running trials the importance of having a supportive network around him. His former teammates and running coaches provide invaluable assistance during rough patches.

Slattery quickly recognized his niche when he joined the Coast Guard Reserve Officer Program; it felt like entering an unfamiliar race where everyone worked together toward one common goal.

Early Life and Education

Tom Slattery credits his interest in politics to both of his parents. His grandfather was appointed to represent an anti-Treaty constituency while supporting the Treaty; and, via sport, helped bridge divides between pro and anti Treaty supporters. He discussed excerpts from his grandfather’s diary entries as well as one from his father during a hunger strike letter sent during that period. He further highlighted sport’s ability to bring these sides closer.

Slattery attended Fordham where he ran track and long distance races. While remaining relatively inconspicuous to his peers, Slattery made his commitment evident through his quiet commitment. In Rapid City he would frequently help nuns and clergy with their errands – an expression of his strong sense of community; believing strongly in helping those in need, while being generous with his time.

Professional Career

Tom Slattery was an outstanding athlete, excelling at running. His high school’s team recognized his athletic prowess, offering him a scholarship to Michigan State University where he also joined ROTC before graduating with top honors to earn a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Ryan Kutch, his running partner at Fordham University, was impressed with his work ethic. According to Kutch, “he always brought an outstanding attitude to practice and races – never afraid to push hard or go all-out!”

Slattery’s drive and determination enabled him to thrive as an attorney. His practice is focused on facility and project finance lending aspects. He has represented various financial institutions, bond issuers and private equity funds. Furthermore, he has represented healthcare facilities, commercial facilities and residential housing programs while overseeing various issues pertaining to federal and international trade laws.

Achievement and Honors

Tom was unwavering in his commitment to both career and family life, serving as an inspiration to us all.

He worked tirelessly to become a full-time Coast Guard Reserve Officer, “knocking on every door.” He loved his job and would always look out for opportunities to assist during hurricanes.

Slattery was also a passionate runner, earning himself a scholarship to Chaminade University for his efforts on track and field. Though often shy in competition, his talent and devotion were always evident; Fordham coach Tom Dewey noticed his gradual improvement over four years of training with Slattery.

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Personal Life

Slattery is married to Maxine and is father to two children. In his free time he enjoys spending time with family as well as reading books on history – an interest which especially interests him.

He strives to apply this same philosophy in his career and life. He acknowledges the fact that success requires teamwork; therefore he feels fortunate to have such an encouraging network around him. He credits past running coaches and teammates as helping keep him motivated during difficult periods.

Slattery has appeared on various television programs and made an appearance as a guest judge on Whose Line Is It Anyway? Additionally, he made several notable British TV programs such as Bad Girls series 7 as D.I. Alan Hayes as well as appearing on celebrity edition of The Weakest Link.

Net Worth

Tom Slattery has an estimated net worth of $10 Million. As a partner at Kirkland & Ellis Law Firm, where he specializes in internal corporate investigations and white collar defense matters.

Robert Osborne is perhaps best known for his portrayal of Roger Sterling on AMC series Mad Men, earning four Primetime Emmy nominations and two Critics’ Choice Television Awards as a result.

Early this year, Slattery made public his intention to step down as CEO of Avolon and hand off responsibility to founding member Andy Cronin. Slattery explained that Avolon had reached a point of “strategic relevance,” making now an appropriate time to hand off its direction.

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