Too hot to jog? How to lose weight in summer without any sport

Summer is approaching and with it hot days await us. At 30 degrees and more, you not only have little desire to do sports. Physical exertion in the blazing midday sun should be avoided because it can quickly become dangerous.

But who actually stipulated that in order to lose weight, it was essential to do sport? There is an easier and more efficient way – and that is diet.

1. Tip: drink enough water

Drinking enough water is always important, but especially in summer you should be careful. On the one hand, the heat creates water retention, which can be counteracted by drinking a lot.

Drink plenty of water
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In addition, a sufficient supply of water is a prerequisite for functioning metabolic processes in the body, which in turn include fat burning and ensure a stable circulation. In addition, the heat leads to an increased loss of fluids, because we sweat more due to the high temperatures. It is important to make up for this loss.

Many wonder how much it is best to drink on a daily basis. The recommended daily requirement for adults is between two to three liters a day. If you find it difficult to achieve this amount by drinking from a glass alone, you can also consume foods that contain water, such as cucumbers or watermelons.

2. Tip: resist temptation

Whether a delicious ice cream to cool off or a wine on the terrace to end the evening – summer brings numerous temptations.

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It is important to resist these temptations and consume such treats wisely. The first step towards this is to create awareness that nutrition is the elementary core for successful weight loss.

3. Tip: Pay attention to the feeling of satiety

Especially in summer you should make sure that you eat enough. Losing weight should by no means be equated with starvation! Too little food leads to enormous circulatory strain and stress for the body. This leads to a standstill of stress, which makes losing weight hardly possible because the body is otherwise busy.

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It is also particularly important to pay attention to your own feeling of hunger and satiety. Many people exercise less in summer, for example because of the heat or because they are on a relaxing holiday. However, they still eat the same amount because they are not paying attention to their feeling of fullness. Accordingly, instead of decreasing, there is an increase.

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