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Alessio Salucci – Valentino Rossi’s Friend and Confidant

Alessio ‘Uccio’ Salucci has long been considered a close and trusted friend to multiple-time MotoGP world champion Valentino Rossi, serving as director of VR46 Riders Academy and working closely with him since they met.

Pamela Severini and he have been in a relationship for twelve years; on February 2nd they celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary together.

Early Life and Education

Valentino Rossi first met Alessio Salucci – commonly referred to as Uccio – when they met as four year-olds. Since then, both their families are close, growing up together attending nursery school and schools together and remaining very close throughout their lives.

Uccio serves as director of VR46 Riders Academy and acts as Rossi’s assistant, driving his Monaco Dynasty RV around European circuits while also providing him with helmets, shoes and leathers, as well as making sure everything is in his garage.

Pamela Severini works at a bar in Pesaro and they recently celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary together on February 2.

Professional Career

Alessio Salucci, commonly referred to by his nickname Uccio, has been by Valentino Rossi’s side throughout his career as his friend and assistant since they were both children, serving as team principal of Rossi’s VR46 Ducati outfit now run by Uccio himself.

He has created an inviting environment for his staff and riders, including providing them with a room equipped with couches and refrigerators to relax after exhausting races.

Rossi has shown strong support for Franco Fenati, despite critics who allege he only gained access to a seat through their relationship. Rossi believes Fenati is capable of winning races and has been impressed with his performances this season; qualifying on pole in Qatar and finishing fourth both Catalunya and Netherlands were highlights for him.

Achievement and Honors

Uccio Salucci has long been one of the closest friends and confidantes of nine-time world champion Valentino Rossi. They’ve known one another from birth, standing beside each other through all his career accomplishments.

As Team Principal of Rossi’s VR46 Ducati outfit and its return to MotoGP competition in 2022, he faces many unique challenges.

One is the pressure of living up to Rossi’s legend as an icon in Motocross history. Additionally, his riders Luca Marini and Marco Bezzecchi must contend with his immense presence and shadow.

Personal Life

Alessio Salucci, more commonly known by his nickname Uccio, has been by Valentino Rossi’s side throughout his MotoGP career. They began friendship when they were four, attending nursery schools together before attending each others universities.

Salucci serves as Director of VR46 Riders Academy, which has helped launch Luca Marini and Marco Bezzecchi into MotoGP this year. Salucci may soon face another busy challenge; according to reports, Ducati wants Jorge Martin on board in 2024.

Salucci has taken steps to make their Academy riders’ experience successful, including helping them adapt to MotoGP riding. Furthermore, in case Rossi retires soon he could either return to work with his mother as her personal manager, become personal manager for riders, or open his own biking school.

Net Worth

Alessio “Uccio” Salucci, longtime friend and multiple MotoGP World Champion Valentino Rossi’s close ally. Their parents were close, so the two have grown up together in the same nursery school and other institutions and remain close companions today.

Uccio, Director of VR46 Riders Academy and MotorGP Champion Marc Marquez’s longtime right-hand man. Additionally he drives the Monaco Dynasty motorhome around European circuits – something he chose over football as his pastime when young.

As the leader of an elite MotoGP team, Uccio likely earns a solid income and saves for his future plans, such as opening a riding school one day. Married to Pamela Severini since 2002 and celebrating their 12th wedding anniversary this February 2, they share one daughter who recently turned 9.

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