Urban Eco Harakeke Toner How To Use

Saem Urban Eco Harakeke Toner Review

Saem’s Urban Eco Harakeke Toner is a refreshing formula that harmonises and replenishes skin. Its formula also increases skin’s ability to retain moisture. It contains Green Propolis, a natural antioxidant that fights against inflammation.

The Harakeke Toner is a high quality formula that contains 92% New Zealand Harakeke Extract. This extract is nature’s super moisturizer, packed with healing polysaccharides as well as nutrients. It is three times moisturizing as aloe vera.

SAEM Urban Eco Harakeke Toner also has the added benefit of being a natural humectant. This means it draws moisture into your skin. It soothes skin irritations and clears blemishes. Its gel-like texture makes it easy to absorb into the skin. It is also easy to apply, whether using a cotton pad or your hands.

The SAEM Urban Eco Harakeke Toner, a light gel-like lotion that moisturizes the skin with plant extracts, is available from SAEM Urban Eco Harakeke Toner. It can be used on all skin types. The main ingredient is Harakeke extract, an indigenous New Zealand plant that provides three times more moisture than aloe vera. It also contains eight types of hyaluronic acid, which work to protect and restore the skin’s elasticity.

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