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Useful tips for a healthy bedroom interior

Have you noticed that you often get sick after moving house or staying overnight with friends? Surely you don’t want something like this to happen to your guests too. In this article, we would like to draw your attention to what you need to consider from a health point of view in your bedroom furnishings.

Don’t let pets into bed with you!

sleeping bed

Caution! Your dog must not be on the bed!

Some people just can’t stand sleeping alone. Because of this, they let pets into bed with them more often. But that leads to many allergies and diseases. Most people do not know or have not yet realized that the pets are making their quality of sleep worse. This leads to consistent fatigue and, accordingly, to further health problems.

Scented candles & tea lights

scented candle tealights

Strong aromas from scented candles and tea lights are not the best choices for the bedroom

Scented candles & tea lights are used in the sense of aromatherapy. However, there are also many dangers in these that could make staying in the bedroom very unhealthy. Most people have a more or less pronounced allergy to artificial smells. Even the wax can often lead to more serious problems.

Sleeping pillow

Keep your pillows clean at all times

Keep your pillows clean at all times

Incorrectly selected sleeping pillows are another possible cause of health problems. You must not use the same pillow for a long time without washing it. Choose textiles that are easy to care for and replace the pillowcase more often.

Wrong beauty products

beauty products

Some cosmetic products could also cause allergies.

The beauty products you use before going to sleep are another possible cause of allergies and health problems. Some of these could also cause insomnia.

Inappropriate carpet

A carpet could be a source of bad bacteria!

A carpet could be a source of bad bacteria!

Carpets made from certain fabrics are difficult to care for and are a source of bad bacteria. That is why you need suitable textiles that are easy to wash and reduce the risk of allergies and other pathological conditions to a minimum.

nice bed linen

Nice, clean bed linen is a must for the modern man

bed linen-from-wise-cotton

White cotton bed linen exudes cleanliness

As you have noticed, a healthy stay in the bedroom has a lot to do with the conscious use of textiles and materials. Choose these so that you protect and even promote your health. Continue to use natural care and cleaning products as far as possible, and carefully observe their effects on your skin, hair, sleep quality and all other aspects that affect your well-being.

satin bed linen

If you love luxury, put on

Take a look at our picture gallery and admire beautiful and ultra-modern bedroom designs.

Schlafzimmer in hellen Farbtönen großes und bequemes Schlafbett in einem eleganten klassisch gestalteten Raum


Ein Blick ins gemütliche Schlafzimmerecke






rustic-style bedroom


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