Victoria Caputo Net Worth

Victoria Caputo is a well-known reality star and hairstylist who makes a comfortable living off her appearances on TLC show Long Island Medium.

Libra by nature, she was born 27 September 1994 as the daughter of Theresa and Larry Caputo and has an older brother, Larry Jr. Her family are devout Christians.

Early Life and Education

Victoria Caputo was raised by parents who were deeply immersed in spiritualism and mediumship, setting her up to become the star of TLC Reality Show Long Island Medium.

Over her career, she has amassed an enormous fortune and won many prestigious accolades. Additionally, she is active in several charitable efforts that raise money for causes including mental health awareness and animal welfare – among many others.

She was born September 27th 1994 on Long Island New York and currently stands 29. She belongs to the Caucasian race and her zodiac sign is Libra. She is the daughter of Theresa and Larry Caputo as well as having an older brother named Larry Jr.

Professional Career

Victoria Caputo became well-known through her appearance on TLC reality series Long Island Medium and as a psychic medium and hairstylist.

Through participation on the show, she has earned considerable profits. Furthermore, she is an esteemed author.

Scientific skeptics have frequently cast doubt upon Caputo’s claims of psychic powers. According to them, her claimed supernatural abilities may simply be due to widely practiced deceptive practices such as cold reading and Forer effect manipulation as well as selective editing on her television show.

She understands skepticism is natural, yet respects everyone’s individual beliefs. Yet she remains focused on providing genuine experiences for her viewers as a professional psychic and TV personality – which allows her to make a comfortable living from both activities. Michael Mastrandrea from New Jersey is her husband.

Achievement and Honors

Victoria Caputo has achieved outstanding success in her career and been honored with numerous prestigious accolades. As an established psychic medium with a significant following on social media platforms such as Twitter, she is highly respected by peers.

Reality star Maria Bamford has amassed an impressive net worth through her various television appearances and psychic reading services, while earning numerous honors and achievements along the way. Her success and accolades stand testament to her hard work and determination.

She currently resides in her two-story, 2,819-square-foot Hicksville home on Long Island, New York; having purchased it in 1988 for $160,000 it now stands at an estimated value of $782,500 and boasts seven rooms and amenities such as pool, hot tub and koi pond in her backyard.

Personal Life

Victoria Caputo has enjoyed tremendous success as a reality star, and her devotion to mediumship has propelled her into one of the most well-known celebrities worldwide. Victoria continues to pursue her passions while inspiring others to follow in her footsteps.

Victoria has not only established herself on television, but has also developed an impressive social media following and established an illustrious hairdressing business. Additionally, Victoria enjoys helping others and is actively involved in various philanthropic endeavors.

Victoria Caputo was born September 27, 1994 on Long Island, New York. She is 29 years old and a Libra, the daughter of Larry and Theresa Caputo; her older brother Larry Caputo Jr is her namesake. Victoria identifies as Christian and hails from an upper middle-class Caucasian family background.

Net Worth

Victoria Caputo is one of the wealthiest celebrities worldwide. She achieved this status through hard work and smart decisions made during her life, which continues to see profits skyrocket daily.

Not only does she earn money as a television personality, she also makes extra cash through speaking engagements and book writing. Furthermore, she established a foundation that assists the less fortunate members of society.

She first gained national renown through her appearance on TLC’s Long Island Medium series. She hails from Theresa Caputo’s and Larry Caputo’s medium families and began gymnastics lessons when she was six years old; currently living on Long Island New York and enjoying life to its fullest. Her social media following boasts over 100,000 people; with many known for her positive outlook.

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