Walter Pidgeon Net Worth

Walter Pidgeon Net Worth is one of the highest of any celebrity in Hollywood. His wealth was earned as an actor.

He is well-known all over the globe.

He made appearances in films like Saratoga, The Girl of the Golden West, Madame Curie / Mrs Miniver / Forbidden Planet / Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and Advise and Consent.

Early Life and Education

Walter Davis Pidgeon was born in Saint John, New Brunswick on September 23, 1897. His formal education included local schools as well as studies at the University of New Brunswick for both law and drama – though his university studies were cut short when he volunteered for service in World War I with 65th Battery, Royal Canadian Field Artillery.

As talkies began to replace silent films, his powerful stage-trained voice made him in demand as a singer for early Technicolor musicals such as Viennese Nights and Kiss Me Again.

At first, he was heavily associated with musicals; however, as they lost popularity with audiences he saw little room for professional growth in Hollywood and returned to Broadway in 1935 for performances such as Adelaide Heilbron’s Something Gay and Ayn Rand’s Night of January 16th and There’s Wisdom in Women.

Professional Career

Pidgeon began his acting career with silent films but quickly distinguished himself with his powerful baritone voice and over 100 movie roles during an impressive career that spanned nearly 60 years.

He became one of the most acclaimed leading men of his era in the 1930s and 1940s, earning two Academy Award nominations for his roles in Mrs. Miniver and Madame Curie respectively. Additionally, he made over 271 musical appearances before his retirement in 1956.

Pidgeon had an extensive film career as well as guest starring roles on several popular TV series such as Rawhide, Gibbsville and Marcus Welby M.D. He also performed early talking musicals. Edna Pidgeon Atkins worked at MGM Animation before marrying and giving Walter two granddaughters before his passing in 1984.

Achievement and Honors

Pidgeon was an iconic screen actor during the 1940s, beloved for his unassuming yet humble, humble yet polite persona and romance roles that often featured a warm glow of affection and comfort. Greer Garson was particularly fond of him; they appeared together in seven movies together.

Fred Astaire heard him sing and recommended him to Elsie Janis who later hired him for touring her show.

Pidgeon was a naturalized American citizen who served as President of the Screen Actors Guild from 1952 to 1957. On September 25, 1984 in Santa Monica from multiple strokes at age 87 he passed away and donated his body for teaching and research at University of California Los Angeles Medical School.

Personal Life

He is an international celebrity recognized for his work. To get here, he worked tirelessly and knows exactly what it takes to succeed in this industry.

He first appeared on screen in 1926 in “Mannequin”, and went on to star in numerous silent movies thanks to his beauty and acting talent – helping make him an instantaneous star.

Pidgeon was seen alongside Greer Garson in eight movies, such as 1944’s Mrs. Parkington and 1949’s That Forsyte Woman; these performances earned two Academy Award nominations during this period.

Pidgeon continued making movies in the 1950s despite losing some of his leading roles, such as ‘The Bad and the Beautiful’, ‘Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea’, and ‘Advise and Consent’.

Net Worth

Walter Pidgeon has earned international renown throughout his professional career by producing some remarkable movies that have won him worldwide admiration and praise from audiences everywhere. Furthermore, his awards earned him celebrity status; thus making his work inspirational to a new generation of individuals.

He began his movie career by appearing in Silent films. His debut was “Mannequin” (1926) and then many more movies from this era followed.

He continued acting in films until the late 1950s. In this period he co-starred with Greer Garson in various projects such as ‘The Bad and the Beautiful’, Mrs Miniver, That Forsyte Woman and Madame Curie – becoming also the 10th President of Screen Actors Guild from 1952 – 1957.

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