What are the beginnings of sentences?

What are the beginnings of sentences?

101 beginnings of sentences: Klaus, Peter, Lieschen He/She/It Be/Your The/The/The One/Two/Three/Four/Five/Six/Seven house/dog/yard/stones/mothers singing/laughing/dancing singing/ Laughing/Dancing More Entries…•

What is the flow in rap?

In the “rapping” prosody of slam poetry, the term flow describes the ability to skilfully shape rhyming language.

What are flows?

Flow refers to the exhilarating feeling of a mental state of complete deepening (concentration) and complete immersion in an activity (“absorption”) that seems to happen by itself – in German something like creating – or activity intoxication or functional desire.

What does it take to rap?

What it takes to be a rapper ⋆….Become an MC – ContentUnderstanding the roots.The first rappers.Gangster rap or could it be a bit more?Just write rap lyrics.Practice makes perfect.The right one Find a topic. Beat picking. Produce your own beats.

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