What are the most common diseases?

What are the most common diseases?

Germans often go to the doctor. Here you will find the ten most common back pain diseases. High blood pressure. ametropia. Fat metabolism/cholesterol. Flu/Influenza. Non-inflammatory diseases of the vagina. abdominal and pelvic pain. Acute bronchitis.

What are the plagues?

Plagues of HumanityHIV / AIDS. Pathogen: Virus (Human Immunodeficiency Virus – HI-Virus) Transmission: Body fluids. flu influenza. Pathogen: virus (influenza) malaria. Pathogen: animal protozoa (Plasmodium) plague. Pathogen: bacterium (Yersinia pestis) smallpox. Pathogen: Virus (Orthopoxvirus Variola)

Where did smallpox come from?

Smallpox probably came to Australia with seafarers from Makassar in Indonesia, who collected sea cucumbers in Arnhem Land every year from around 1700.

What is smallpox?

Smallpox (pox) is a highly contagious infectious disease caused by viruses. It has been officially eradicated since 1980 thanks to widespread vaccination against smallpox.

Who Discovered Smallpox?

Edward Anthony Jenner [ˈɛdwəd ˈdʒɛnə] (* May 6th/ May 17th, 1749 in Berkeley, Gloucestershire; † January 26th, 1823 ibid.) was an English country doctor who developed the modern vaccination against smallpox.

When was smallpox in Germany?

Deadline – January 10, 1970: Smallpox epidemic breaks out in Meschede – Deadline – WDR.

How many people died from smallpox?

During the 20th century, an estimated 400 million people died from smallpox and around 97 million from measles worldwide.

When was smallpox eradicated?

The wild form of human smallpox has been eradicated since 1979.

When was the smallpox in Meschede?

It was a dingy winter’s day as a young man entered the Walburga Hospital in Meschede. He had a high fever and pain. Four days later it was clear: he had smallpox. The 20-year-old was probably infected on a trip through Pakistan.

When was the last smallpox epidemic?

Smallpox broke out in Sauerland in 1970, brought in by a traveler from Asia. The population reacted in panic. Undertakers refused to bury the dead.

When was the last smallpox vaccination?

In West Germany, the vaccination requirement for smallpox vaccines, which had applied in Germany since the Vaccination Act of 1874, ended in 1976. The worldwide use of smallpox vaccines, coordinated by Donald Henderson, culminated in the eradication of smallpox in 1980.

Was the smallpox vaccination compulsory?

Finally, in 1874, all Germans were obliged by the Reich Vaccination Law to have their children aged one and twelve years (revaccination) vaccinated against smallpox. Vaccination was a state benefit, even after the introduction of statutory health insurance in 1883.

Which vaccinations are mandatory in Germany?

Vaccination recommendations for adultsDiphtheria.Measles.Pertussis (whooping cough)Poliomyelitis (polio, polio)Tetanus (lockjaw)From 60 years: herpes zoster (shingles)From 60 years: influenza (flu)From 60 years: pneumococci.

Which vaccinations for dogs are mandatory in Germany?

According to the “Guidelines for the vaccination of small animals” (StlKo Vet.), dogs in Germany should always be vaccinated against distemper, parvovirus, hepatitis contagiosa canis (HCC), leptospirosis and rabies (mandatory vaccinations).

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