What are the reasons for your application?

What are the reasons for your application?

Identification with the products, professional reorientation, money worries, unemployment, lack of alternatives – there are many reasons to apply for a job. But not all are equally good.

When can extraordinary notice be given?

Extraordinary termination can only be given within a two-week period of notice in accordance with Section 626, Paragraph 2 of the German Civil Code. The period begins as soon as the reason for the termination is known. If the employer first has to research the reason for the termination, the two-week period begins after the completion of this explanation.

Can I ask my boss to fire me?

Under number 9 of the questionnaire, the employer can provide other information to the employment agency. This would include asking the employee to issue a notice of termination. Which social law consequences this has for the employee must certainly be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Can the employer terminate at any time?

Employers are not allowed to dismiss their employees at will, but must also adhere to certain rules. The employer may not terminate an employee without a valid reason. Even if the Dismissal Protection Act does not apply, the employee can take legal action against the dismissal.

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