What are the requirements for a scholarship?

What are the requirements for a scholarship?

Social commitment, a sense of responsibility, determination and excellent grades are some of the criteria that many foundations want their scholarship holders to see – regardless of the country they are studying.

What kind of grade point average do you need for a scholarship?

There is no general grade point average or numerus clausus to qualify for a scholarship. Each organization for the promotion of talented students selects its scholarship holders according to its own criteria.

Is a scholarship counted towards the BAfög?

Scholarships (and BAföG) (§§ 2 Paragraph 6 No. Scholarship holders of the gifted support organizations are excluded from BAföG. Those who receive another scholarship can generally receive BAföG, but under certain circumstances the scholarship is offset as income against the BAföG requirement.

Is a scholarship an income?

As a rule, a scholarship is a cash injection that neither has to be repaid nor taxed. According to the Income Tax Act, grants are tax-free if they serve either to promote research, scientific or artistic training.

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