What can I do if I no longer have an apartment?

What can I do if I no longer have an apartment?

If you are threatened with losing your home or if you have already become homeless, you can apply for social assistance. You can lose your living space for various reasons (e.g. eviction action, termination without notice by the landlord, house fire or water damage).

How can I find an apartment as a single parent?

How to apply for a certificate of entitlement to housing Even if you are a single parent and receive Hartz IV, you can apply for a WBS. You need to apply for the following: Application for the certificate of entitlement to housing: You can usually find this on the homepage of your municipality.

How big can an apartment for mother and child be?

As a rule, an apartment for a single parent with one child should be around 60 square meters. Nevertheless, the costs will be covered if the apartment is larger but the costs are reasonable compared to local conditions.

What am I entitled to as a single mother with 1 child?

For each child living in the household, the single mother receives a monthly child benefit from the family benefits office after applying for the following amount: For the first and second child 194 euros. For the third child 200 euros. For each additional child 225 euros.

How much money do I get as a single mother?

Single parents who receive unemployment benefit II are entitled to the so-called “additional need for single parents”. This is granted by the job center. This additional requirement depends on the number and age of the children. In 2019, it was between EUR 50.88 and EUR 254.40 per month.

How many square meters can a single mother have?

So you can assume a flat rate of 50 square meters. Depending on the age of the child then 15 square meters more. The cold rent and the heating costs are taken over. The specific upper rent limit varies from place to place.

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