What can you do as a mechanical engineer?What can you do as a mechanical engineer?What can you do as a mechanical engineer?

What can you do as a mechanical engineer?

You can build power, work and machine tools or start out as a mechanical engineer in materials handling and vehicle technology. You work on the idea, draft, design, construction, optimization, research, development and production of a machine.

What do you do after studying mechanical engineering?

  • planning and project planning.
  • Research and Development.
  • Construction.
  • Installation and maintenance of plants.
  • Vehicle construction.
  • Sales.
  • Marketing.
  • Advisory.

Does the profession of mechanical engineer have a future?

Industry development in mechanical engineering: good, robust, promising. In short: the job prospects are good in mechanical engineering. Hardly any graduates need to worry about their professional future.

What are the benefits of technology and the use of machines in production?

The use of digital technologies in production increases their efficiency. The more closely machines, systems, warehouses, administration, etc. are networked with each other, the better. Every isolated solution from which data has to be painstakingly transferred manually to another system is error-prone and delays processes.

Why do you study mechanical engineering?

A degree in mechanical engineering opens up a wide range of careers, from automobile construction to plant construction. During your studies, you can then find out about an interesting industry within the framework of internships and theses. The unemployment rate for engineers is well below 5%.

How long does it take to study mechanical engineering?

The first degree is the bachelor’s degree, which is usually obtained after six semesters, sometimes after seven or eight semesters. It is then possible to continue studying for a master’s degree, which leads to a degree after a total of ten semesters (including the bachelor’s degree).

Which subjects belong to engineering?

Mathematics, physics, chemistry, partly biology and technology are central to engineering studies. In addition, the students also acquire basic knowledge from the fields of economics, social sciences and law, especially from business administration.

What is an engineering degree?

During your studies in the field of technology and engineering, you will learn how to develop and construct technical devices, structures and vehicles. After studying technology and engineering, you will work, for example, as a civil engineer, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer and industrial engineer.

What does an engineer scientist do?

Engineers are experts in applied technology – they design and develop everything from microchips to bucket-wheel excavators. To do this, they make use of the knowledge gained from the natural sciences and sometimes push the limits of what is feasible.

How much does an engineer scientist earn?

According to the Stepstone Salary Report 2018, engineering is one of the top 5 subjects when it comes to salary levels. On average, engineering graduates earn almost EUR 67,000 gross annually.

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