What comes in a short letter?

What comes in a short letter?

Basically, a short application consists of a cover letter and a résumé. All other documents such as references, work samples or certificates are dispensed with. However, it is not a matter of briefly scribbling an application on a piece of paper and then sending it off.

How do I set the margins in Word?

On the Page Layout tab, in the Page Setup group, click Margins. Click Custom Margins. Enter a width for the gutter in the Gutter field. In the Gutter Position box, click Left or Top.

Where can I find the print preview in Word 2010?

Open the Backstage area by clicking the File button. Then click on Print in the left menu bar. You will then see the print preview in the right-hand area.

Where can I find Page Setup in Word 2010?

Click the Layout tab. Click Margins in the Page Setup group. Click Custom Margins. The Page Setup window appears.

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