What do I need to extend my passport?

What do I need to extend my passport?

No passport, no identity card, but another official photo ID available: Official photo ID, birth certificate, proof of citizenship, a passport photo (portrait format 35 x 45 mm) not older than six months according to certain passport photo criteria (in color) If necessary, additional documents.

Can you have 3 passports?

Applying for a second passport In principle, nobody is allowed to have more than one German passport (1 Paragraph 3 Passport Act).

How long does it take until a pass is ready?

You should expect around three to four weeks to process a new passport. However, some citizens’ offices already indicate on their website that there may be longer processing times in individual cases. If this takes you too long, you can also apply for an express passport.

How long does a passport last and what does it cost?

But it is also significantly more expensive. With a normal passport, it takes a little longer … In summary.Identity or type of applicationDuration of issueExpress passport72 hours / 3 working daysPassport4 to 6 weeks provisional passport immediately *

How much does a passport cost?

Overview of passport feesPassport fees (abroad) Fee in euros Regular passport (under 24 years) 58.50 Surcharge for 48 instead of 32 pages 22.00 Temporary passport (valid up to 1 year) 39.00 Children’s passport (up to 12 years) 26.004 •

How quickly can you get a passport?

The express passport is ready after three working days or 72 hours. While you have to wait around three to six weeks for a normal passport, an express passport is ready after three working days at the latest if the application is received by the passport manufacturer by 12 noon.

How long does it take until the German passport is ready?

How long does it take to process the passports? The passports are printed at the Bundesdruckerei in Berlin. For first-time applications, please allow for a processing time of 10 to 12 weeks.

How long does it take to get the ID?

The processing time for issuing an ID card may vary. The time often depends on the number of ID cards requested. As a rule, however, the processing time takes between three and six weeks. In contrast to the passport, there is no express issue for the identity card.

How long does it take to get German citizenship?

How long it takes from the application to the delivery of the certificate varies from case to case. In some cases it can take up to several months. The best thing to do is to speak to your naturalization authority!

What do I have to do to get the German passport?

What requirements do I have to meet for naturalization? You have sufficient knowledge of German. You have been living in Germany for eight years. You have passed the naturalization test. You have a job in Germany and can secure your livelihood independently.

What do I need for a German passport?

This is provided by: a) identity card or passport with registration certificate (not older than 3 months) and b) citizenship certificate or c) naturalization certificate or d) registration certificate and ID card or e) submission of the following civil status documents: – ⇒ birth certificate of the German spouse …

What papers do you need to have German citizenship?

Required documents Valid identification document (passport, travel document or similar) Proof of civil status, photo, evidence of income, assets, health and long-term care insurance as well as sufficient pension.

Where do I have to go to apply for a German passport?

Apply for naturalization: Kreisverwaltungsreferat (KVR), Main Department II Citizens’ Affairs Munich. If you have lived in Germany for at least eight years, you can apply for naturalization. Spouses and children can also be naturalized.

How much do you have to earn to become German?

1400 € (net) income (including parents and child benefit).

Who gets German citizenship?

Since 2000, children of foreigners who are born in Germany have acquired German citizenship if one of the parents has been living legally in Germany for at least 8 years and has an unlimited right of residence.

When do I have German citizenship?

The Citizenship Act (StAG) specifies exactly how you become a German citizen: you are either German from birth or German if both parents are German citizens (principle of descent) or, under certain conditions, if you were born in Germany.

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