What do I want to learn in geriatric care?

What do I want to learn in geriatric care?

There are various ways to get started in geriatric care training: an intermediate qualification, such as a secondary school certificate or an equivalent completed 10-year school education. A secondary school certificate and a completed 2-year vocational training course.

How much does a Nurse make?

As a full-time geriatric nurse in Austria, you generally earn between €1,586 and €2,643 gross — depending on the federal state, years of service in the company and other factors.

Can you work as a nursing assistant in a hospital?

Geriatric care assistants work in various departments of hospitals, in nursing and rehabilitation clinics and in residential and nursing homes for the elderly. In addition, geriatric care assistants can work in senior citizens’ advice centers as well as in outpatient and domestic services.

Can I work as a medical assistant in elderly care?

If you can no longer work as a geriatric nurse, you can change careers by retraining to become a medical assistant. Doctor’s assistants take on medical tasks such as taking blood and treating wounds, but not nursing tasks.

How much does a geriatric nurse earn in a hospital?

Unfortunately, the salary for geriatric nurses is in the lower third compared to other professions in the field of nursing. The median salary for geriatric nurses in Germany is EUR 2,744 gross per month.

How much does a Nursing Assistant make?

Nursing assistants earn between 1,700 and 2,600 euros, nursing professionals with vocational training 2,150 – 3,100 euros, nursing professionals with a bachelor’s degree 2,600 – 4,900 euros and master’s graduates 3,500 – 5,900 euros. The salary depends on the one hand on qualifications and on the other hand on professional experience.

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