What do I want to study test?

What do I want to study test?

You can take the orientation test (OT) at www.was-studiere-ich.de. The “compulsory part” of the OT consists of an interest test that takes about 15 minutes; We also recommend the three ability tests (duration approx. 90 minutes).

What do you ask at the student advisory service?

The following questions will help you to specify your desired course of study: What do I enjoy? What exactly am I interested in? What am i good at? NC: What can I study? Financing: What can I afford? Location: Where do I want to study? Reputation: How important is the reputation of a university to me?

What should I do after graduation?

What do you do after graduating from high school? Voluntary service: FSJ, FÖJ, BFD & IJFD.Bundeswehr: voluntary military service.Internship – gathering first experience.Work after high school graduation.Travel after high school diploma: Work & Travel.Learn a language: language courses & language trips Go abroad as an au pair.

What can I study without an Abitur?

With vocational training and subsequent professional experience, advanced training from a master craftsman or further training to become a specialist (IHK) or state-certified business economist, you can study without a high school diploma.

What can I study with training?

For example, if you have completed a commercial apprenticeship, a degree in business administration is a particularly good fit. If you have completed an apprenticeship in the social field, you build on it perfectly with a dual nursing degree or courses such as social work or special education.

Is it possible to study without a high school diploma after completing your training?

In principle, it is also possible to study without a Matura. It is important that you take the vocational matriculation examination or the university entrance qualification examination. Of course, proof of the foreign school leaving certificate or the completed professional qualification is necessary for this.

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