What do you do with a psychologist?

What do you do with a psychologist?

Literally translated, psychotherapy means “treatment of the soul” or treatment of mental problems. Psychological methods – such as psychotherapeutic talks, relaxation techniques or cognitive methods – are used to identify and treat disorders in thinking, acting and experiencing.

When do you do behavioral therapy?

When do you do behavioral therapy? Behavioral therapy is considered a successful treatment concept for many mental disorders. If a mental disorder has been diagnosed, the health insurance companies will cover the costs of the behavioral therapy.

How do I get a referral to see a psychologist?

Most mental illnesses can be successfully treated. Insured persons of the statutory health insurance can visit doctors for psychiatry and psychotherapy as well as psychological psychotherapists directly, they do not need a referral from another doctor (e.g. family doctor).

How do you request therapy?

You submit the therapy application together with your therapist. Your therapist has the necessary documents on site. You cannot apply for psychotherapy online. If you have any questions about the approval process, you can also contact our experts in the specialist center by telephone.

How do you get to a therapy place quickly?

You need a lot of luck to get a place in therapy quickly. The legislature has recognized this and offers an alternative, namely: psychotherapists in private practices. As a rule, the health insurance only covers the costs of therapists who have a health insurance license.

What do you have to do to become a therapist?

If you want to become a psychotherapist, you will complete a full-time course in psychotherapy. This consists of a 3-year bachelor’s and a 2-year master’s degree. After a state psychotherapeutic examination, you will receive the authorization (license to practice medicine) to practice as a psychotherapist.

Which health insurance covers psychotherapy?

The statutory health insurance. Psychotherapy is a service provided by statutory health insurance, which means that the statutory health insurers generally cover the costs of psychotherapy. You can go directly to the consultation hours of a psychotherapist.

Is psychotherapy paid for by the AOK?

The AOK covers the full cost of outpatient psychotherapeutic treatment. Billing takes place via the insurance card. The AOK will also support you in your search for a suitable therapist.

How much does psychotherapy cost for self-payers?

self-payer regulations for psychotherapists (GOP) 100.55 euros per session. The therapy is not subject to any bureaucratic restrictions, and complete discretion is also ensured.

How many therapy hours does health insurance pay?

In the case of long-term therapies, the assumption of costs by the statutory health insurance companies depends on the therapy method: for behavioral therapy it is up to 60 hours of therapy (with an extension of up to 80 hours), for psychotherapy based on depth psychology it is up to 60 hours of therapy (with an extension of up to 100 …

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