What do you have to be able to do as a cashier?

What do you have to be able to do as a cashier?

Cashiers in stores scan the item numbers of the goods that customers want to buy, operate the cash register and accept cash payments or process cashless payment transactions.

How long can you sit at the till as a cashier?

The maximum working time per day is 10 hours. A break of 30 minutes must be granted for more than 6 hours and a break of at least 45 minutes for more than 9 hours. These must be determined in advance.

Is Cashier a Profession?

Cashier (Swiss German, Austrian German, southern German-speaking area: cashier) is a profession or activity that is associated with cash management.

What does a part-time cashier earn?

Find out the average salary for a part-time cashier. The average part-time cashier salary in Germany is 21 450 per year or 11 per hour. Entry-level positions start at 19,110 per year while most experienced employees get a 30,633 per year.

How much do you earn as an unskilled cashier?

Salary for unskilled workers Depending on the federal state, this means working hours of 37.5 to 39 hours per week with an hourly wage of 7.80 euros to 11.50 euros an hour. On average, the gross salary is 1,400 euros per month with full-time employment.

How much do you earn as a cashier?

Cashier salaries in Germany If you work as a cashier, you will probably earn at least € 19,800 and in the best case € 30,700. The average salary is € 24,600.

How much does a cashier earn at Edeka?

A typical salary for a saleswoman and cashier at Edeka is € 1,675. Sales Assistant salaries at Edeka can range from € 1,250 to € 2,006.

What do you earn at the cash register at Bauhaus?

Salaries for BauhausJobtitelGehaltGewager position as cashier – 3 salaries reported € 2,145 / month Salaries for position as apprenticeship at – 2 salaries reported € 973 / month Salaries for position as working student – 2 salaries reported € 1,045 / month Salaries for position as salesperson with – 2 salary details € 32,248 / year16

What do you earn at the cash register at Aldi?

The wage fluctuates between 1,640 euros (Saxony) and 2,472 euros (Baden-Württemberg) depending on the region. Salespeople earn just as much. Employees who are employed as cashiers earn less – namely 2,079 euros in the median.

How much do you earn part-time at Aldi?

A look at the job advertisements at the discounter also shows that part-time workers are particularly sought after. According to various salary portals, the gross monthly salary of Aldi sellers is between 16 euros for an average 18.5 hour week.

What do you earn at the cash register at Rewe?

REWE Group Salaries € 12 / hour 11 € / hour € 10 / hour 6 days ago

What is the hourly wage at Lidl?

Average salary in the industry: € 1,700 to € 2,050 gross per month. Salary at Lidl: Pay above the collective bargaining agreement, at least € 12.50 per hour (for employees covered by collective bargaining agreements (even without completed vocational training), significantly more depending on experience and tariff area).

What is the hourly wage at Kaufland?

Kaufland Salaries € 12 / hour 11 € / hour

How much does Rossmann pay per hour?

“The most common jobs at Rossmann are those of salespeople and cashiers,” it says at Salary Comparison.com. “The drugstore pays them an hourly wage that ranges between the minimum wage (currently 9.35 euros) and 17 euros.

What is Penny’s hourly wage?

PENNY Salaries € 13 / hour € 1,054 / month € 1,258 / month 10 € / hour

How much do you earn as a temporary worker at Penny?

At Penny, you earn around € 11 an hour as a temporary worker.

How much does net pay per hour?

Salaries for Netto Marken-DiscountJobtitelGehaltGewehull for position as temporary worker at – 8 salaries reported € 9 / hour salary for position as temporary worker at – 6 salaries reported € 10 / hour salary for position as salesperson – 4 salaries reported 11 € / hour salary for position as temporary worker at – 4 salary details € 9 / hour 16

How much do you earn as a saleswoman at Rewe?

This is how much a saleswoman at Rewe earns on average per month that is around 1,760 euros.

How much do you earn full-time at Rewe?

According to this, full-time salespeople at Edeka have an average gross monthly salary of 1,788 euros, store managers at 4,023 euros per month. It looks similar at Rewe. According to the portal gehalt.de, Rewe sellers earn 1,456 euros in Brandenburg, 1,768 euros in Bremen and 1,940 euros in Bavaria.

What do you earn in the warehouse at Rewe?

Warehouse clerk: € 18,500 – € 38,000 Division manager (service): € 21,500 – € 54,000 Market manager: € 50,000 – € 101,000

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