What do you have to consider when making a statement?What do you have to consider when making a statement?

What do you have to consider when giving an opinion?

In a statement, you give your opinion (your own point of view) on a topic (facts) in writing. It is important that other people can understand your point of view. But what is the best way for others to understand my opinion?

What does court opinion mean?

Taking a stand means that you can express yourself on the matter. So you can write a reply letter. This letter contains (oversimplified) any accusation (criminal lawsuit) or a reference to a claim by a third party against you (civil lawsuit).

What does post from the district court mean?

Letters from the (district) court: Mostly yellow envelopes with a postal delivery certificate printed on them, on which the postman enters the date on which they gave you the letter or put it in the mailbox. The envelope can contain a fine or a penalty order, for example.

How do I write a defense notice?

Ladies and gentlemen, I hereby indicate that I will defend myself against the lawsuit. At the hearing, I will request that the lawsuit be dismissed with costs. The justification is reserved for a separate brief, which I will submit in a timely manner.

What can you do about a lawsuit?

“Legal application office” at the district court. The legal application office will help you to defend yourself against the lawsuit free of charge. Call the district court from which you received the statement of claim and ask for the opening hours of the legal application office.

How much does a lawsuit in the District Court cost?

The amount depends on the amount in dispute. If this amounts to 5,000 euros, you will pay 1,200 euros for your lawyer in the first instance. If you lose the process, you also have to bear the court costs of 440 euros and the opposing attorney’s fees of 925 euros, a total of 2565 euros.

Can a lawsuit be dismissed by the court?

Drafting a motion to dismiss is very simple. It reads “The lawsuit is dismissed.” In this way, he could have the action dismissed as inadmissible (trial judgment). On the other hand, the defendant can also request a factual judgment with which the action is dismissed as unfounded.

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