What do you need to be able to do to become an air traffic controller?

What do you need to be able to do to become an air traffic controller?

Air traffic controller/air traffic controllerGeneral university entrance qualification.At least 18 years old.Proof of medical, mental and psychological aptitude.Fluent and error-free conversation in English and also in German when working in Germany.Certificate of reliability from the aviation authority.

Why become an air traffic controller?

Do you want to be an air traffic controller? All brain cells are challenged when air traffic controllers control dozens of planes at the same time and communicate with pilots. Few people are suited to this job, so career advancement opportunities are good and salaries are temptingly high.

Can I become an air traffic controller test?

After the application has been received by DFS, applicants are given access to an online test. The participants in the selection process have to complete tests in which spatial imagination, the ability to concentrate and their affinity for numbers are checked. An English test is also part of this area.

Can you become an air traffic controller with glasses?

Even before the aptitude test, many high school graduates fall through the cracks. Among other things, the job requires a high level of fitness, perfect color vision and unrestricted hearing and vision. Eyeglasses up to a certain prescription may be worn and applicants must be 24 years or younger.

Can you become an air traffic controller with diabetes?

But only if the diabetes does not stand in the way of the job. Air traffic controller, bus driver, police officer: Because of the increased risk of hypoglycaemia, which can lead to dangerous situations, people with diabetes are usually denied these jobs.

What is the probability of becoming an air traffic controller?

Strict selection process The chances of getting training as an air traffic controller like Niko Szegedi are slim. Only about five percent of applicants are accepted. The need of German air traffic control for trainees to become air traffic controllers is higher than ever.

Until when can you become an air traffic controller?

The general requirements for the training are: The general higher education entrance qualification (Abitur) or a bachelor’s degree. The maximum age of 24 years must not be exceeded. It must be possible to start the training within the next 12 months. The language English was taken up to the Abitur or

How much does an air traffic controller earn net?

An air traffic controller reports to the “Standard” that he earns around 5,000 euros net with allowances for night and holiday services and voluntary overtime. However, he also says that the salary does not change much in the course of the air traffic controller’s life. Only an increase of 200 to 300 euros is still possible.

How much does a Air Traffic Controller in the German Armed Forces make?

Air traffic controller – Salary differencesProfessionSalary fluctuationCenter air traffic controller115K €/year+8%Air traffic controller DSF107K €/year±0%Tower controller105K €/year-2%Air traffic controller Bundeswehr (officer)56K €/year-48%

How much does an Air Traffic Controller earn in Frankfurt?

At smaller airports like Nuremberg, young air traffic controllers earn around €72,000 after their training, and the basic salary at Frankfurt Airport is €100,000. The highest salary level is €121,000. Those who work their way up to supervisor receive up to 130,000 euros gross per year (basic salary, mind you!).

Where can you work as an air traffic controller?

Air traffic controllers can work in different areas of airports. In the control center they are responsible for approach and departure control and route control. Here they use their highly sensitive measuring devices to monitor areas in the vicinity of an airport.

What are the working hours as an air traffic controller?

Working hours: varies, between 34 and 38 hours per week; Training: Dual, state-recognized training lasting three years at the German air traffic control.

How much does air traffic controller training cost?

Already in the first year it is 955 euros gross. During the practical air traffic controller training, you will receive between 3,400 and 5,100 euros gross, depending on your training progress and location.

Is air traffic controller a training occupation?

Air traffic controller training is divided into theory and practice. The theoretical training is held at the Air Traffic Control Academy and lasts 12 to 15 months. After you have received basic training and gained security, you can also get a taste of working life.

How can one become a pilot?

If you want to become a pilot, you have an exciting career path ahead of you: The prerequisite for training as a pilot is the patent for “captains on long voyages without restrictions”. Those who are new to the profession or career changers can acquire this at a seafaring college or university of applied sciences.

How does the pilot get on board?

Pilots are brought from one ship to another or from the pilot station to the ship in small boats with the international inscription “Pilot” or occasionally in helicopters. Many crusaders watch this remarkable boarding and disembarking on the moving ship with great interest.

How hard is it to be an air traffic controller?

Air traffic controllers require a relatively rare combination of skills that cannot be learned. These include, among other things, spatial imagination, acoustic and visual memory, multiple resilience, decisiveness and concentration under different levels of stress.

How Much Does an Air Traffic Control Engineer Make?

Salary range: Air traffic control engineer in Germany €70,446 €5,681 gross salary (median) at 40 hours per week: 50% of the data sets are above this value and 50% below.

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