What do you write about interests in your résumé?

What do you write about interests in your résumé?

The following applies to hobbies in the résumé: Specify specific interests that match the advertised position. It differs from case to case. For example, it makes sense to indicate hiking or climbing as an interest when you apply in the outdoor industry.

Which courses are NC free?

Alternatively, you can study abroad, for example. Many German students switch to Austria to study medicine. But there are also many exciting alternatives in Germany. You can choose from NC-free courses such as medical informatics, medical economics or medical technology.

Which NC do you need for biology?

Studying biology: prerequisites and NC Your school leaving grade is also decisive for biology. The NC for the subject, however, fluctuates a lot at the universities. At locations such as the Free University of Berlin, you have to meet an NC of 1.5 for the Bachelor of Science in the 2018/2019 winter semester.

What does it mean when there is no admission to a course?

In addition to locally and nationwide admission-restricted courses, there are also courses that are free of admission, ie no selection process is carried out for the places to be allocated, all applicants are accepted who meet the admission requirements.

Can I apply for several admission-free courses?

Even if you want to combine two admission-free Bachelor programs, the enrollment works as described in the video. The application for a 1-subject Bachelor with restricted admission runs via the portal.

Can I apply for several courses at the university?

If several applications for admission are submitted to the same university, only the one that was received last during the application period is valid. However, parallel applications at several universities are possible. However, you can only enroll or enroll at one university.

How often can you apply for a course?

5 answers. As far as I know, there is no upper limit. Medicine, however, is one of the courses that are assigned centrally. You do not apply to a specific university, but via and you can only specify preferences or

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