What does a flash photo look like?

If you have been flashed, you should not think about the argument that you are not recognizable in the photo. Even older devices record the vehicle, number plate and driver both day and night with pin-sharp definition.

Tip: have a speed camera photo sent to you!

Sometimes you do not immediately receive a fine/warning notice from the relevant authority, but only a so-called hearing form. Here you should enter the driver, since the authorities can only determine the owner based on the license plate number – but the car may well have been driven by someone else. (See also: rental car speed cameras) In order to save effort, the authorities only rarely send the speed camera photo (“proof photo”). Even if you are pretty sure that you drove yourself, it is always a good idea to request the photo as evidence first. Simply write a short letter or email asking the authorities to send you the photo. The photo will then be sent to you free of charge.

What does a speed camera photo look like?

klassisches blitzerfoto

Classic speed camera photo of a flash unit that is a bit outdated. Measuring method: light barrier. Frequently you don’t get the entire photo, but only the excerpts of the driver’s license plate and face. The photo is almost always only available in black and white. With this measurement method, a tolerance of 3 km/h is deducted from the km/h specification.

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