What Does A Thighjob Feel Like

If you’ve ever had a thigh job, you’ll know that it’s similar to fucking or sucking. In this case, however, you’re penetrating your partner’s thighs, which is a completely different experience. It also requires some lubrication and a few extras, such as sexy accessories. To get the best out of your thigh job you need to be prepared. Listed below are some tips for a successful thigh job:

To give a thigh job, you need to place the penis in between your thighs. Your inner thighs have nerve endings that trigger sexual stimulation. The erect penis is then rubbed in the resulting cavity, which creates a vagina-like sensation. For most men, thigh jobs are a great way to stimulate their clitoris and vagina, and the sensation is incredibly pleasurable.

Try lubricants that have a warming or cooling sensation. Also, try slippery foods. Be sure to shower afterward. If you’re in a relationship, consider the feeling of a thigh job for both partners. It’s like a blow job but without the sexual intercourse. While many people choose thigh jobs over blow jobs because of their simplicity, it’s important to know what you’re getting into.

To perform a thighjob, you’ll have to put yourself in a comfortable position in bed. Your partner will need to lie on his back, with his legs spread apart. Now, he’ll need to raise his knee so that he can plant his foot on the bed. Next, place your knees on the bent leg. Once you’re both comfortable with the position, you can begin using your legs to raise him up and down on his thigh. You’ll need to keep your hands off of his testicles during this process.

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