What does chronologically mean?

What does chronologically mean?

The adjective chronological means “in chronological order”. It is the abjective for chronology, the origin of which lies in the Greek nouns chrónos for “time” and lógos for “doctrine”.

What does the word chronological mean?

[1] in chronological order. Origin: chronological is the adjective to the noun chronology.

What is a chronological order?

A sequence of several objects is determined by a spatial, temporal or conceptual, linear arrangement of the same and a designated direction, e.g. B. by specifying the predecessor and successor. It is a one-dimensional concept, i.e. according to a list and not a table.

What does chronological mean?

Chronology (from the Greek χρόνος, chrónos, “time” and λόγος, lógos, “doctrine”) is the doctrine of time. Different aspects have to be distinguished: Time as a physical phenomenon: time (physical quantity), time measurement (chronometry)

What does chronologically descending mean?

Usually every applicant wants to do everything right and arranges the résumé chronologically in the American version. This means that it is sorted in reverse chronological order or in reverse order, i.e. in descending order. This sorting has prevailed over the past few years.

What is the chronograph?

Chronography (also chronography, gráphein = to write) denotes: a writing of history according to a chronological sequence.

What is the process?

Process (verb: run) denotes: the process of an event, see process. Expiry time of a period (deadline), see date. Workflow, predefined sequence of activities in the world of work.

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