What does GTS stand for?

What does GTS stand for?

Part of speech: Abbreviation 1) Gran Turismo Sport. Application examples: 1) I like the GTS better than the GT.

What does the GTS mean at Porsche?

GTS means Gran Turismo Sport and is originally a homologation designation from motorsport. The 904 Carrera GTS was given the nickname for the first time in 1963. The suffix GTS currently designates particularly sporty and exclusive models in a Porsche series.

What does GT mean in Mustang?

Gran Turismo (Italian), English Grand Touring, French Grand Tourisme GT for short and freely translated big trip (cf. Grand Tour) describes the purpose of original GT vehicles, i.e. relatively comfortable and well-motorized sports cars that are suitable for long-distance races.

What does Fastback Mustang mean?

In 2018, the Mustang (as a fastback and as a two-seater convertible) received a facelift. In particular, the 3.7-liter V6 engine with 305 was removed from the program and replaced by a 450 hp 5.0-liter V8. The trunk of the 4.79 meter long Mustang holds 408 liters in the fastback and 332 liters in the convertible.

What is a fastback?

Definition of fastback in the German dictionary Car roof that merges into a sloping rear end; hatchback. Film trick with which a process just shown can be presented in reverse order.

What do you mean by hatchback?

In the hatchback, hatchback, full rear or English fastback, the rear falls away immediately behind the first or second row of seats with an almost constant gradient from the roof to the rear end of the body.

What is a limousine?

In its most general form, it designates a vehicle with a fixed top. More specifically, sedan often refers to the counterpart to station wagon or coupe. As a counterpart to the English saloon or

What is the difference between a coupe and a sedan?

Coupés are now not only equipped with the traditional two seats and two doors, but are also available as four or five-seaters with four doors. The difference to the sedan lies in the flowing, shortened roof line and the lack of window frames on the rear doors.

When is a car a coupe?

The coupé (French for “cut” or “cut off”) is, in the classic sense, a closed two-door car with a sporty and elegant appearance. The term is significantly older than the motor vehicle and was already used in the construction of carriages.

What is a body variant?

In its classic design, it is defined by the restriction to two doors and the sloping roof – regardless of whether it is an elegant offshoot of a sedan or a classic sports car. There are also coupés with four doors: Here, for example, the Audi A7.

What is a station wagon?

A station wagon, station wagon for short, is a body design for passenger cars with a particularly large loading volume. The name derives from the combination of car and truck, since the vehicle can carry both people and loads.

Which mid-size station wagon is the best?

In any case, the Skoda Superb Combi is the best mid-range station wagon for people who need a lot of space. No other mid-size station wagon offers as much space as the Skoda Superb.

What is a good station wagon?

The top 10 station wagons 2020 ŠKODA Superb Combi. 4.8. ŠKODA Rapid Spaceback. 4.8. Peugeot 308SW. 4.8. Volvo V60. 4.7. BMW 5 Series Touring. 4.6. SEAT Leon ST. 4.6. Volvo V40. 4.6. SEAT Ibiza ST. 4.6.

Which combo do you recommend?

Mercedes C-Class is the best station wagon in the 2018 TÜV report. At most, the VW Golf is slightly better than average. But at the forefront: The bread and butter cars from Ingolstadt and Stuttgart: Audi A4 and A6 Avant as well as Mercedes C-Class and E-Class Estate.

What is the best used station wagon?

Used cars: The best station wagons under 10,000 euros2 / 9. 3 / 9. Ford Mondeo Tournament (20) 4 / 9. Ford S-Max (20) 5 / 9. Opel Insignia Sports Tourer (20) 6 / 9. Mazda 6 Sport station wagon (20) 7 / 9. Citroën C5 station wagon (since 2008) 8 / 9. BMW 3 Series Touring (E90 series, 20) 9 / 9. Honda Accord Tourer (since 2008)

Which station wagon is the cheapest to maintain?

An example from the small car segment: A Skoda Fabia Combi 1.0 MPI Active comes to a total cost of 419 euros per month. The Dacia Sandero SCe 75 Access, on the other hand – the small car with the cheapest maintenance – costs only 308 euros per month.

Which combo is the cheapest?

7990 euros: the cheapest station wagon The cheapest station wagon in the country also comes from Dacia: The Logan MCV with 573 liters of cargo space starts at 7990 euros. A VW Golf Variant, for example, is almost three times as expensive with a basic price of 21,850 euros.

Which car is the cheapest in entertainment?

In the small car category, the Dacia Sandero SCe 75 Access wins as the car with the cheapest maintenance. Here, too, both a convincing purchase price and a very low loss in value are decisive for the low maintenance costs.

What is the cheapest new car?

Cheapest entry: The Dacia Sandero is currently the cheapest new car in the country from 6,990 euros. The Russian Lada Granta costs 7,260 euros.

Which convertible is good and cheap?

Sixth place goes to the cheapest convertible from VW – the Beetle with a soft top. It costs at least 21,625 euros. Seventh place: The VW bestseller Golf costs from 24,175 euros in the open version. However, not the R model shown here.

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