What does not have to be in the résumé?

What does not have to be in the résumé?

However, there is also information that you should better avoid nowadays, such as personal data on your résumé. Name: Maximilian Muster. Full name. Address. Phone number. E-mail. Date of birth and place of birth. Nationality. Marital status and number of children.

What do you write in the résumé under other?

What does it have to say? CVs are usually grouped into 4 to 7 areas, to which the relevant information is then assigned. The order may vary. Under miscellaneous, there can be times that require explanation, such as caring for relatives, traveling around the world or hobbies.

How do you write citizenship on your CV?

In the tabular curriculum vitae, the nationality usually appears under the heading “Personal data or information” after a colon. This also applies to the date of birth, the place of birth and, if applicable, the marital status.

How do you indicate your denomination on your résumé?

The denomination belongs to the optional information in the CV column “Personal data”, as well as the information on marital status, nationality or the number of children. This very personal information is therefore optional information in the résumé because it is not relevant to the recruitment process.

How do I include phone numbers on my resume?

In order to assign the numbers correctly, you should make them recognizable, for example with a “Tel .:” in front of the landline number and a “Mobil:” in front of the mobile phone number. You should include your telephone number under your address and your e-mail address on the cover letter. It is also advisable to include them in your résumé.

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