What does send a link mean?

What does send a link mean?

A hyperlink, abbreviated as link, or backlink, connects one document to another. A document is usually understood as a website. Videos, PDFs, or other formats are also referred to as documents.

How do I copy a link to WhatsApp?

WhatsApp trick for those in a hurry: copy links with one click From now on, it’s much easier to copy links: all you have to do now is press and hold the link for a few moments and shortly thereafter the note “copied” will appear below it. After that, you can easily paste the link elsewhere!

How do I forward a link?

Possibility 1: press the F6 key. The URL (internet address) is automatically marked in the address line. Then copy this to the clipboard with Ctrl and C. Start the e-mail program and open a new e-mail. Use Ctrl and V to copy the URL into the e-mail .And off we go to your friend.

Where can I find the cache on my phone?

This symbol is usually located at the top left within the menu on Swiftkey keyboards. With a Google keyboard, you have to click longer on the text field until a series of commands appear. You should then see “Clipboard” right next to “Paste”.

How do I clear the clipboard on iPhone?

There is no clipboard history with the default keyboard app on the iPhone. Only the last element is saved. If you want to delete this, simply copy any new passage of text.

Where can I find the clipboard on the iphone?

Look at the emoji icon. There you will see a red dot indicating that your text snippet has been added. If you don’t tap save, you’ll lose your text after 1 hour. In the clipboard you will find all your saved text snippets.

How to delete copied links?

To delete the item you want, just press and hold it for two seconds and then tap Clear clipboard or Clear from clipboard. If you click Delete or Delete All. tapping, you can remove all items at once.

How do I clear an app’s cache?

Open the settings and tap on the “Storage” item (in the “Device” section). Then tap on “Internal shared storage” in the “Device storage” section. Press Cached Data. Now you will be asked if you want to clear the cached data for all apps.

What happens if I delete an app’s data?

If the cache is emptied, however, it will take longer to load after calling up a website or app for the first time, since no stored data can be accessed. Clearing cache data does not delete logins or saves. It only clears the cached data of the website.

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