What does sociable mean in the report card?

What does sociable mean in the report card?

If the text is just an accumulation of well-worn adjectives, this can be disadvantageous or even dangerous for the person described in this way. An example: The term sociable can have a positive meaning, but in codified testimonies it is considered a synonym for talkative.

What shouldn’t be in a job reference?

What may not be in the job reference Volunteer activities. Works council activity (unless there was a leave of absence for more than one year) Pregnancy, maternity leave (if this did not result in a significant interruption of employment) Union membership. Party membership. Secondary work.

What makes a very good job reference?

Sentences like “Your behavior towards superiors, colleagues and customers was always excellent. ‘ or ‘She was loyal at all times. The fullest satisfaction rated the behavior of the employee in the job reference as “very good”.

What must be included in a work reference?

A complete, exemplary job reference consists of: heading and introduction.task description.performance assessment.assessment of social behavior.closing formula.thanks and regrets.wishes for the future.issue place, date and signature.

What are the principles to be observed when creating job references?

The certificate must be objectively correct, clear and understandable (principle of the truth and clarity of the certificate) and it must not contain any characteristics/phrasing that have the purpose of making a statement about the employee other than that evident from the external form or from the wording meet (§ 109 Abs. 2 GewO).

Was it always flawless?

The phrase “always flawless” is often used when evaluating behavior and means a rating of very good. The description of the behavior only with “perfect” means the grade good, since the time component is missing.

What does balanced character mean in the work reference?

balanced but determined nature always ensured him/her a very good and harmonious relationship with superiors, colleagues and employees. Behavior towards superiors, colleagues and employees was always exemplary. His/her excellent feeling for dealing with employees at all levels should be emphasized.

What does the word without exception mean in the job reference?

If, for example, the individual assessments in a job reference are all rated as “very good” and the work of the employee was also highlighted as “very successful”, the final wording is that the employee has always “to our full satisfaction” (instead of “complete …

What does exemplary mean in the job reference?

Rating 1: His behavior towards superiors and colleagues was always exemplary. Rating 2: Your behavior towards superiors and colleagues was impeccable at all times. Rating 4: Your behavior towards colleagues and superiors was correct and without complaint.

Is it flawless without exception?

The overall performance appraisal corresponds to “at all times and in every respect our fullest recognition” a 1. His behavior towards superiors, colleagues and customers is without exception impeccable. The behavioral rating corresponds to “exceptionally flawless” with a 2.

Is reliable to a particularly high degree?

3) He/She worked extremely reliably and very precisely at all times. 4) He/She always impressed with his/her very high level of reliability. 5) He/She was extremely reliable. 6) His/her way of working was always characterized by a great sense of duty and high reliability.

Is invariably exemplary and loyal?

Without exception, his behavior towards superiors and colleagues was exemplary and loyal. At this point, the behavioral assessment can be given a narrow 1 by using the phrase “exemplary and loyal without exception”. His behavior towards our business partners was always impeccable.

What does always mean on time in the job reference?

A positive fact remains in the job reference, but it is devalued using the negatives. A good assessment would have to be formulated as follows in the job reference: “She was always punctual and reliable” or “His behavior was always exemplary”.

Was it always well motivated?

Very well. was always very well motivated and had excellent skills in every respect. was characterized by a very high work ethic / very high sense of duty and was always willing and able to take on additional and difficult work. one job was never too much.

What does mostly in the certificate mean?

“Mostly” and “usually” Most of the time he solved the arithmetic correctly. In plain language, this means that he usually solved the arithmetic correctly – but that was often not the case! When teachers write “usually” or “as a rule”, in the language of the certificate it only means that it was the case more than 50 percent. That’s roughly a 3 in grades.

What does consistently mean in the job reference?

Increases are expressed by additions such as “always”, “without exception” or “consistently” (BAG 6/21/05, 9 AZR 352/04, DB 05, 2360). It is common for supervisors to be named first and only then colleagues.

What does good mean in the work reference?

Examples of the grade ‘Good’ in the job reference has always completed the tasks/work assigned to him or her to our complete satisfaction. completed the tasks with the utmost care and accuracy.

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