What does that mean was a rhetorical question?

What does that mean was a rhetorical question?

The rhetorical question is considered a stylistic device of rhetoric. The questioner does not expect an (informative) answer to a rhetorical question, but is concerned with the reinforcing effect of his statement. The speaker expresses his own opinion through the rhetorical question.

What do you call a question whose answer you already know?

With the rhetorical question, you assume that the other person knows the answer, just as you already know it. She seems provocative, almost malicious. With a leading question, you don’t know the other person’s answer, but you put it in their mouth with your own formulation.

Can a question be an assumption?

Assumptions in question formulations mean that respondents cannot answer questions properly because they can agree with the actual statement, but not with the part of the sentence that contains the assumption (this also applies to items that contain explicit premises, which one …

What are suggestive questions?

The leading question is a frequently used rhetorical stylistic device that serves to steer a conversation in a certain direction. Leading questions are often perceived as manipulative because they already put the answer in the other person’s mouth.

Which parts of the sentence are queried by which question words?

We remember that there are 4 different parts of a sentence in German: Subject, predicate, object and adverbial determination….Object.ObjectsPossible question wordsGenitive objectWessen?Dative objectWem?Accusative objectWen? or What?PrepositionalObjectPreposition + Who/What/Wem1 more row

Is if a question word?

ALS and IF are connectors that connect main clauses and subordinate clauses, but they are NOT interrogative words.

How do I request times?

You can ask about times with the help of certain question words, i.e. W-words. These are for example: When?

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