What does the word implement mean?

What does the word implement mean?

An implementation also called implementation (from the late Latin implementum device to the Latin implere fill in, fulfill’) is the implementation or being implemented, i.e. the installation or implementation of defined structures and …

What does implementation mean in nursing?

2 Example Implementation in medicine means, for example, that the processes defined by an expert standard are implemented, taking into account the framework conditions of the respective medical facility (eg a hospital) without neglecting the desired goals.

What does implement mean in Java?

“Implements” means “implemented”, but I think that’s a bit of an unfortunate way of putting it. You can think of an interface like a “contract”: Whoever “signs” (implements) the contract must fulfill certain “conditions” (implement methods).

What is essay part of speech?

Essay: Essay (German) Part of Speech: noun, (masculine) Cases: nominative: singular essay; Plural essays genitive: singular essays; Plural essays dative: singular essay; plural

What is that part of speech?

The parts of speech examples article the, that, a, a, a, pronoun I, he, these, one, which, one, mean, someone, none, itselfPreposition auf, in, on, bei, with, for, against, around, through, over, before , from, from, afterconnectorand,or,because,because,although,if,since,after,during,but6

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