What else can I do as a nurse?

What else can I do as a nurse?

Nurses not only work in hospitals, but also find employment with these employers: specialist medical practices, health centres, retirement and nursing homes, residential homes for people with disabilities, outpatient social services, health insurance companies.

How much does a nurse earn in practice?

Salaries by state: Nurse doctor’s office (m/f)state. Ø Salary.Baden-Württemberg. 2,805 € Jobs.Bavaria. €2,719 Jobs.Berlin. €2,434 Jobs.Brandenburg. 2,053 € Jobs. Bremen. €2,489 Jobs.Hamburg. €2,742 Jobs.Hesse. €2,875 jobs.

How much does a Public Service Nurse earn?

The nurse salary in the collective agreement for the public sector (TVöD-P) is initially in pay group P 7 in level 2 at 2,830 euros and the highest in level 6 at 3,539 euros.

How much does a nurse at Helios make?

Find out how much you can make at Helios Kliniken… Salaries at Helios Kliniken

What does a geriatric nurse earn at Caritas?

The remuneration of a skilled worker consists of various components: According to the AVR table, the monthly salary is between EUR 2,635.53 in the first year and EUR 3,295.68 from the 16th year of work. In addition, employees in care usually receive a care allowance of 46.02 euros per month.

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