What font size are footnotes?

What font size are footnotes?

Font and font size in footnotes The font size must be smaller than that of the text and headings and must be 10 points. The font should be the same as that of the body text.

What font size master thesis?

The standard recommended font size for the body text of your bachelor thesis is 12pt. The headings can be formatted in 14pt. Appropriately smaller font sizes can be used for footnotes or captions on illustrations. Guideline is 10pt here.

What belongs in the bibliography?

At the end of a scientific work you must insert a bibliography. All of the sources you use are listed in full in this… Sources in the bibliography Authorship.

What does a bibliography look like in a thesis?

The basic structure of each source in the Harvard citation system is: Surname, first name (year): title: subtitle, edition, place: publisher. The basic framework for citing the source in the German citation style looks like this: Last name, first name: Title: Subtitle, Edition, Place: Publisher, Year of publication.

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