What goes in the introduction of a presentation?

What goes in the introduction of a presentation?

7 ways to start your presentationa quote from a famous persona recent news or statistica picture, sound file or video clipa (re)questiona personal storya historical eventa funny action or joke.

When which preposition English?

Prepositions – ZeitEnglishGermanExampleonamon Mondayinim am – inin August / in winter in the morning in 2006 in an houratin am umat night at the weekend at half past ninesinceseitsince 19808

When do you use which preposition?

In German, every preposition requires a specific case: the associated word (noun, pronoun, article) must be used in the genitive, dative or accusative, depending on the preposition.

When is to used in English?

The infinitive with to comes after the following compounds in English: after the first. Gagarin was the first to fly in a spaceship. after the last. after the next. after adjectives. after certain verbs (agree, choose, forget, hope, learn, promise, regret*, want, …) after question words. after want/would like. after verb + object.

When do I use TO in English?

When is to, too and when two used?EnglishGermantopreposition (zu, auf, nach)before the infinitive tooauch3

When do you use of in English and when from?

“From” is more in the case when you really get something, in German it means “to get something from”. “Of” is often not translated at all or not at all with “of” and indicates, for example, possession… Roughly speaking: from (to) (= time) from, from (from (place/direction/position) from, from where? from – from (bearer)

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