What goes into an application for an internship?

What goes into an application for an internship?

You should not clutter up your application for an internship, but put it together carefully. Job references, internship references, university degrees, vocational training and the highest school qualification belong here. The most recent or most relevant document goes up.

What belongs in the application folder sequence?

The order of the documents here corresponds to the standard, as with the short application: the cover letter is on the left, the curriculum vitae follows on the right … If you use a clip-on binder that has only one clip (and a transparent cover), please attach the cover letter the résumé.

How do you organize the application folder?

With this structure of your application folder, your references and certificates appear on the left side, which you can optionally provide with a cover sheet and / or a list of the attachments. Since the résumé is the core of your application portfolio, it should be immediately visible and not covered by a cover sheet.

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