What happens if the child does not go to school?

What happens if the child does not go to school?

If you refuse to go to school, you risk a fine. From the age of 14, the student must reckon with having to pay a fine for skipping school. The parents then no longer have to pay the fine.

Is it compulsory to go to school?

Every child at the age of six has the obligation and the right to go to school. Parents must ensure that their child goes to school. Compulsory schooling and the obligation to undergo an apprenticeship exist in Germany from the age of 6 to 18.

How many school years are compulsory in Germany?

Duration: 12 years; Compulsory schooling ends prematurely for pupils who have obtained the intermediate school leaving certificate. Compulsory vocational school regulation: Pupils in an apprenticeship are obliged to attend vocational school for the duration of the apprenticeship.

Which country no compulsory education?

Schooling is not only compulsory in the USA, but also in Great Britain, Denmark, Austria and Finland. There, instead, education or teaching is compulsory.

Where in Europe is there no compulsory education?

Austria and the Netherlands therefore do not have compulsory schooling, but rather an “obligation to teach”, which can also be met outside of a school building. In Ireland, Italy and Spain, “freedom of education” even has constitutional status.

In which countries is home schooling allowed?

Homeschooling is most common in the following countries: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Great Britain and the USA. Some countries have heavily regulated homeschooling programs as an extension of the compulsory education system. Few countries have outright banned home schooling.

In which countries is school compulsory?

Most countries have ‘compulsory schooling’ – however, the following follow the principle of compulsory education: Denmark, Austria, Finland, the United Kingdom and Norway. In these countries, parents are not obliged to send their children to school, i.

Which law stipulates compulsory schooling?

Compulsory schooling and the right to attend school are generally regulated in the state school laws. The educational mandate of the school is derived from Article 7 of the Basic Law. According to Article 7 Paragraph 1, the entire school system is under the supervision of the state.

Is school compulsory in Austria?

Schooling is compulsory for all children who live permanently in Austria. In Austria, it begins on September 1 following the child’s sixth birthday and lasts nine school years.

Is homeschooling allowed in Austria?

Everything is possible in Austria. With so-called homeschooling, children do not go to a regular school, but learn independently from home. It states that the children may study at home, as long as it is equivalent to school lessons.

How many years is compulsory education in Austria?

Compulsory schooling begins on September 1 following the child’s sixth birthday and lasts nine school years. A year of life is considered completed at the end of the day preceding the birthday.

Who introduced compulsory schooling in Austria?

The beginnings of the state school system in Austria go back to the school reform of 1774 under Maria Theresia (public state school, compulsory schooling for six years).

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