What influences a person’s personality?

What influences a person’s personality?

What is personality? A variety of factors, i.e. a colorful mixture of genetic predisposition, origin, childhood experiences and interpersonal relationships, social status and environment, shape personality. …

How is the character composed?

The term personality refers to the totality of the individual characteristics of a person. This includes physical appearance, the way he behaves, his thought patterns, his attitudes and beliefs, his values ​​and his emotions.

Which characteristics can be inherited?

Physical characteristics such as body size, blood group or hair color, susceptibility to diseases and resistance are inherited, but also typical behavioral patterns such as anxiety or self-confidence and skills such as manual skills or musical talent.

What do you inherit?

Today we know that during human reproduction, 23 chromosomes are passed on from each parent to the child. In every cell of the body there is a double version of the blueprint of life. Genes determine what becomes of us. About 25,000 genes are located on the chromosomes.

What human behavior is inherited?

In today’s behavioral research, it is assumed that all behavior has a genetic basis and at the same time is modulated by environmental influences. Consequently, genetics forms the foundation that can develop in interaction with the environment and one’s own experiences.

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