What is a description?

What is a description?

Narration is a form of written or oral presentation. The German verb to describe derives from painted descriptions on the shields of the Germans.

What is Schildern in German?

Borrowed in the 16th century from Middle Low German/Dutch schilden → nl “to paint”. Synonyms: [1] describe, report, expound, present, render.

How do you spell give back?

wi̱e̱·der·gen·reproduced>VERB with OBJ.

What does contradict mean?

1) respond to a statement with a statement to the contrary. 2) to be opposed to something; to speak up against; do not match. Origin of the term: 1) contradict Middle High German, Old High German widarsprehhan, documented since the 10th century

What does the word refute mean?

meanings: [1] refute a claim = prove that the claim is false. Origin: composed of wider (against) and verb put.

What does refutation mean?

Meaning of refutation in English. the act of saying or proving that a person, statement, opinion, etc. is wrong or false: here is a simple refutation of that argument.

What is a falsification?

A falsification occurs when a scientific statement (hypothesis) is contradicted by findings, eg by an observation contrary to the hypothesis (empiricism). Opposite: verification.

What is a invalidate?

entkraften (German) Word separation: entkräften, past tense: entkräfte te, participle II: entkräftet. meanings: [1] take away the power of someone or something.

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