What is a factual letter?

What is a factual letter?

If you write a factual letter, you have to stick to a certain form. The letterhead consists of the sender’s address and the addressee’s address. In addition, the location and the date are shown at the top right.

Can you trace letters?

Can a normal letter be traced? No, a shipment can only be traced if the letter was sent as registered mail. can be traced back, i.e. the location where the letter is currently located can be found using a tracking number.

Where to call if a letter doesn’t arrive?

If the post office does not find the letter – you can do this Sender: After you have contacted the deliverer, you can call the sender. There you should ask whether the correct address was written on the letter. Compare the addresses and ask when exactly the letter was sent.

What can I do if a letter does not arrive?

With special letters such as registered mail, you can track your letter. In order to use Swiss Post’s shipment tracking, however, you need the sender’s shipment number. If your letter does not arrive after 7 days, you can send an investigation request.

Where do you complain if the mail doesn’t arrive?

Deutsche Post: Complaints about deliverers by post, email or form Private customers: (normal rate) Hotline for international letters: (normal rate) Business customers: 0180-6 555 555 (0.20 euros per call from a landline, 0.60 euros per call from the mobile network)

Where do you complain to the post office?

If your topic is not included, you can select the “Do you have reason to complain?” button. A contact form will appear with which you can submit your complaint. Complaints can be made to Swiss Post customer service at (Mon-Fri from 8:00 a.m., Sat from 8:00 a.m.).

What can I do if a package does not arrive?

Contact the seller or sender and discuss the next steps with him. If your package continues to be delayed, you can submit an investigation request. It is better for processing if the sender does this.

How does an investigation order work?

After a period of around a week (during which some stray packages still arrive), the investigation begins. If you have sent a package yourself and can no longer find it, then the following applies: the customer service of the respective package service provider is usually responsible for the search order.

How long does a research request take?

An investigation can take 2-3 weeks. Is the sender a private individual or a mail order company? If it is a private individual, you must wait until DHL reports the result of the investigation request.

How much does an investigation order with DHL cost?

Incidentally, inquiries are free of charge. Customers only pay for potential customer service calls. So if a package is lost, don’t give up immediately. Because the lost shipment can be found again by means of an investigation order.

When to submit an inquiry?

Package is missing for more than 7 days If you have not received your package after 7 days, please contact the sender. Ask them to issue an investigation order.

When investigation order DHL?

If the status of your shipment has not changed for more than 6 business days, the sender can request an investigation.

Where do I place an investigation request with DHL?

Are you the sender of the shipment? You can submit an inquiry request at

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